Who dey run things for Libya?

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Image example Most people belive say things scatter inside Libya after dem kill Gadaffi

As tori break about di 'slave trade' wey dey go on for inside Libya, people don dey wonder how dat kain thing go even dey possible inside any country for di world.

Libya don become popular as place where people dey follow cross enter Europe as di distance no too far from Lampedusa for Italy.

Most people believe say Libya na country wey things don scatter after di killing of Col Muammar Gadaffi, and na im make human traffickers dey do di kain things dem dey do.

About Libya

Libya bin dey under foreign rule until dem gain independence for 1951. E no tey dem come discover oil for di country wey come make dem get money well-well.

Col Gaddafi seize power for 1969 and rule for four decades until dem kill am for 2011 for rebellion, wey Western military put hand join.

Who don dey runs things?

Di National Transitional Council (NTC), na rebel leadership council wey fight to comot di Gaddafi government, dem begin run things for di country for 2011.

But dem come find am hard to fit control di county and many groups wey carry gun come begin operate.

For August 2012, di NTC hand power to di General National Congress (GNC), wey be elected parliament wey come select head of state for di main time.

Voters come choose new parliament to replace di GNC for June 2014 - dem call am di Council of Representatives (CoR), and e relocate go di eastern city of Tobruk, come leave Tripoli, di capital for di hands of powerful militia groups.

Since di katakata for 2014, two rival governments don dey - one for Tripoli and di other one for Tobruk.

For late 2015, di UN do one agreement to form new "unity" government - wey dem call di Presidency Council, under unity Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj - but both Tripoli and Tobruk bin drag leg to acknowledge say im dey in charge.

Fayez Sarraj and some of im deputies finally arrive Tripoli for March 2016 where dem set up dia headquarters for one naval base wey dem guard well-well.

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Image example Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj

How things don waka for Libya

2011 February - As 'Arab Spring' dey happen for other countries, especially neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia, violent protests break out for Benghazi, come spread to other cities.

2011 20 October - Dem catch Col Gaddafi come kill am as rebel fighters take im hometown Sirte.

2012 August - Transitional government hand over power to di General National Congress, wey dem elect for July. Di Congress elect Mohammed Magarief of di liberal National Front Party chairman, wey come make am head of state for di main time.

2012 September - Dem kill US ambassador and three other Americans.

2014 June - Prime Minister Maiteg resign after supreme court say im appointment dey illegal.

2016 January - UN announce new government wey dey for Tunisia fo di main time, but parliament for Tobruk and Tripoli no agree to recognise e authority.

2016 March - New "unity" government enter Tripoli by boat after opposition block airspace.

2017 July - Dem pursue Islamic State from Benghazi after three years of fight-fight.

2017 October - US president Donald Trump announce say special forces for Libya don catch one man dem suspect say get hand for di attack of US diplomatic compound for Benghazi for 2012.

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