Nigeria: 'Elect more woman, dem go do better'

Former US present talk say make dey elect more women. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Former US president talk say make dey elect more women enter politics

Some women for Nigeria don begin talk dia own on top wetin former US President Barack Obama talk say make dey put more women for positions of power because e be like say men "dey get some problems dis days."

Di former US President yarn dis tori for one private event wey im go for Paris, France, when dem dey ask am about di kain things wey people need for leadership.

AFP report wetin Obama reply: "I no wan say all women but e be like women get better capacity than men, partly because of di way dem dey relate with everybodi."

Di coordinator for Women Initiative for Transparency and Social justice wey be Dr Jennifer Spiff don add her own, say true-true make government give women chance to dey put mouth for di things wey dey happen for Nigeria.

Image example Dr Jennifer Spiff talk say woman dey put eye for ground pass men.

Mrs Spiff follow BBC News Pidgin talk say e good make plenty women dey for political office, so dat dem go fit take decision wey go better di lives of dia fellow women and dia country.

She say if women get opportunity dem go perform better pass men. Her own be say women dey put eye for ground and pay attention to issues pass men because na dem everything dey affect pass if government no take better decision.

Di coordinator for di woman group give example of di Climate change discussion wey America withdraw from. She say if to say na women dey power, di country for no comot.

Mrs Spiff advise government for all countries for world to arrange equal opportunity and good atmosphere wey violence no dey, to ginger more women wey go like join and contest for politics.

Another woman wey BBC News Pidgin follow talk on top di speech wey Barrack Obama give na Aisha Augie-Kuta wey be Senior Special Assistant to di Governor of Kebbi State, Nigeria on top New Media matter.

Mrs Augie-Kuta talk say good performance for government no matter, whether na man or woman dey for inside office but na about di person wey dey there and dia ideas.

She still believe say women go do better than men for government because woman dey naturally involve everybody for anything wey dem wan do.

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