Crude oil dey kill pickin for Nigeria?

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Oil spill dey kill children for Nigeria?

When thunder scatter ground for Niger Delta, e mean say di rain no too far.

As rain catch woman wey dey for road for town of Kogbara Dere, wey dem dey also call K Dere, one woman carry herself find shade from rain for buka wey dey by di side of road even as di fuel wey she make for house scatter for road on top di heavy rain.

As you follow small-small houses dem wey dey road, you go enter where Love Sunday dey stay.

Village of cry-cry

E no pass one month wey Love bin born her number five pickin and di first two weeks go well.

She talk say "When I bin born my pickin, problem bin no dey at all. But, then one day, as I dey carry my pickin, na so e breathe three times and just die."

"I still dey mourn. No day dey pass wey I no dey cry."

Love no know wetin make her pickin die because she no see doctor. But she no be di only person for her village wey don suffer dis kain suffer.

Patience Sunday and di husband Batom, wey dey live for di other part of town, no even see dem pickin alive reach one full day.

"When I born my pickin, e bin no dey breathe so di nurse handle am and im start to breathe", di mama talk. "Dem carry am enter house to baff na when im collapse."

Almost di same thing na im happen for Barinaadaa Saturday and Chief Bira Saturday.

"Na when I born my pickin na im e follow die," na wetin Barinaadaa talk. She still get photo of di pickin.

E bin happen for 2014, but Barinaadaa and her husband never get another pickin since dat time.

Image example Barinaadaa Saturday and Chief Bira Saturday pickin die three years ago

"Oil dey always full di place wey we take dey farm. Anywhere wey you waka enter, you go just dey smell di odour," na Chief Bira Saturday talk dis one. Im carry asthma from di spill.

Im wife say, "doctor tell me say na di oil we dey breath na im spoil di pickin for my belle."

Na almost di same thing Patience Sunday talk say doctors bin tell am.

"Di doctor talk say make I no go inside rain or use rain water because di rain water get oil."

No be only di people wey we talk to na im lose pickin. Dem too know other people wey dem small pickin don die.

Killer dey hide for dia?

Report wey just land from scientists for di University of St Gallen for Switzerland fit explain wetin dey happen.

E find say pickin wey dem born for around 10 km for where oil spill happen dey increase chance say dem fit die for dia first two month.

Image example Plenty oil spills over di past ten years don scatter di region

Di people wey do di research use two records take do am. One na di Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor, wey dey record where and when di oil dey spill and di Demographic Health Survey, wey dey record di way wey Nigerian mama dem dey take born.

Dem look how di pickin wey dem born before di oil spill health dey and dey compare dem to small pickin wey dem born after di spill.

But e no put eye for di health of dem parents or whether dem get money.

Professor for economics on top University of St Gallen, Roland Hodler, wey follow write di report, talk say, "Di effect pass wetin I bin dey think, e dey bigger and dey last for longer. Even if di spill bin happen three or four years before di mama get bell, e still fit affect di pickin wey go comot."

Di report no look wetin dey cause di deaths. Di small research wey dey on top dis matter of wetin oil spill dey do di health of humans fit surprise person.

When crude oil spill for ground, e dey enter soil, air and water join.

E dey produce dangerous chemicals, like toluene wey fit cause kidney and liver damage.

Image example For some side, di water no dey good at all

Plenty of dis oil spill dey also cause fire where dey release dangerous smoke wey fit cause breathing palava.

Dr Vincent Weli, wey be person wey dey forecast weather on top air pollution for di University of Port Harcourt talk say, "When dis things block where we dey breathe, we go come dey see wahala like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema. Drowsiness and loss of concentration dey to join."

"For pregnant mama, if dem breathe di smoke wey crude dey give, e go affect pickin wey dey belle."

E no dey possible to know whether na oil make di pickin dem of di parents wey we talk give, make dem die but e no hard say dis one fit happen for K Dere on top wetin dey di environment.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Oil firms dey collect blame say na dem cause pollution for Ogoniland

Every year for Nigeria, plenty of oil dey spill for pipelines and na different companies dey get am but pipes for dis area na Royal Dutch Shell dey manage am.

Shell accept blame for di last two spill wey happen for K Dere for 2009 and 2012, but when dem meet dem on top wetin happen for dis report, dem talk say dem no get comment.

For 2009 spill, dem talk say dem bin wan clean up but na "di wider access wahala wey dey Ogoniland" bin stop dem.

K Dere dey di Ogoniland region wey don dey shout on top wetin oil dey do dem.

For 2012, Shell say dem no pay any compensation on top say "no third party bin dey affected."

For law, na di company suppose clean any leak wey happen within 24 hours.

But Shell don talk say di reason why dem no dey clean up na because say people for Ogoniland no like dem and dem dey blame criminals on top di spills.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Shell don face serious palava with di people wey dey oil producing areas

Mr Hodler talk say, "Di Nigerian government no regulate dis oil companies at all. No be di same way dem dey behave for here, dem dey behave for Norway or Texas."

But local people dem get role wey dem play for wetin dey happen.

Dis people, like di woman wey dey near Love Sunday house , wey dey do "artifcial refining" wey be when dem sell petrol wey dem make from crude wey fall from pipeline wey spoil.

Wetin or who dey cause am no be wetin we dey look.

But wetin dey important na make dem chook eye look how dis oil dey affect health.

Because if dat one no happen, plenty more pickin fit dey risk. And plenty more parents go lose dia small pickin.

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