Libya returnee: 'We born dis pickin for detention camp'

Couple who me in a detention camp.
Image example Mabel and Steven dey advise young people to travel di right way

One couple wey dey among di 143 Nigerians wey land overnight from Libya don talk how dia love start for place wey nobodi for think am: inside Libya detention camp for Nigerian migrants.

Mabel Emmanuel and Steven Ekhiator tell BBC News Pidgin as dem carry leg comot plane say even inside suffer, dem happy as dem comot Libya with dia three-month-old son wey im name na David.

Na with smile dem take answer di question: how una take meet?

"She ask me to give her my phone, say she wan call her mama, so I give her, na im I hear her mama say she no fit bring di money wey bad-bad people dey ask for, wey be N250,000. She dey cry well-well after di call. I tell her make she no worry, say I go comot her from dis place," na wetin Steven talk.

Mabel, 27, say she bin think say Steven dey lie, but "im pay me out comot from dat place. Na im help me out."

Steven say na so im take di lady go im house, and na from dia "just like dat, na im I fall in love finish. I must confess."

Image example Di couple dey dis flight with over 100 others

'I dey cry everyday'

But dia love face plenty palava, as Steven try to cross enter Europe for di fifth time.

Different things happen wey dem say land di two of dem inside detention camp. Na for dia Mabel born dia pickin.

Steven say wetin suppose be happy time, begin turn to something wey bring plenty sadness.

"Na for detention camp na im we born dis pickin. Everyday I dey cry, I no fit eat food. Dem go bring pickin, I no go fit carry."

Di think affect di two of dem sotay na until dem reach house dia mind come down.

For Mabel, "dis deport wey dem deport us dey good, e go help many of we country people. I still dey hope, dey pray say di God wey bring me come Nigeria, go help dem sef come back home."

Her guy own be say im go return to im music business because "now I don reach house I dey very-very happy; 100 percent sef."

Di couple say dem no get any plan to go near travel matter for oversea for now; Mabel say "even if I wan travel, e no go be with land at all. Libya na hell on earth."

'For Libya dem dey kill human being like fowl'

Mabel and Steven say something wey dey di same for dia waka be say na friends make dem enter Libya as dem dey try go abroad.

For Steven, im work as DJ and singer bin dey go well, but im friends wey don travel tell am say e go better if e leave Nigeria.

"I bin wan do my work for advanced way. Because all my friends some wey dey act go say you must try to come as here dey very good and you fit make am im I say make I try."

I no advise anybodi to go with road. At all.

For Mabel, na her own friend for university say her parents dey sick so make Mabel follow her go check dem.

"My friend take me go one place wey I no know; we suppose go Kano, but e take some time before I see say dis one na place wey I no know, wey dem dey call Niger."

Na so dia waka begin turn to dangerous tori.

"I say wetin dey happen? My friend say make I wait small, say we go soon reach di place. Na so I see myself for Libya."

" When I reach Libya, she dey try explain say she bin wan tell me, but she feel say na like dis our life go better. Na so I follow her. I pay like N300,000 make dem put me inside di boat to Europe. Di water no get beginning, and e no get ending."

But even di boat matter end for palava.

"Kidnappers carry us from water, go di place where dem dey catch people dey hide. I pay N70,000,"

Na so she waka from kidnapper, to prison, until she find herself back for Nigeria today.

"I wan tell any girls out there wey dey hear me say make dem no try to go to Libya. Dem dey kill human being as if dem dey kill fowl."

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