Ghana: No money, no hospital evidence for rape victim

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E no dey easy for woman wey dem rape for Ghana to gather medical evidence because she must drop money for hospital before anything go happen.

Even though police medical form na free of charge, di palava na to gather evidence from hospital.

Ghana National Health Insurance scheme no dey cover all di test and treatment wey person wey dem rape need.

Many women wey be rape victims for Ghana, dey find am difficult to get evidence from hospital because dem no get money to pay hospital or some laboratories dey cause dem to lose evidence.

If woman get health insurance, she go officially drop from like 300 cedi ($66) to get di treatment and test she need to collect evidence.

But if she no get insurance, she must drop pass dat amount.

Sabrina (no be her real name), dey work for one of di public health clinic for Accra, she tell BBC News Pidgin say, "you must drop money immediately if you no get health insurance" or else dem no go attend to you.

Still, whether di woman get insurance or not, she must pay doctor "money to fuel im car" of not less than 200 cedi ($44) before e go fit fill the police medical form wey prove say dem rape her.

For many women, dis na very big palava because dem no get $110 to take pay for evidence.

Most times dis women no know dia right. Dat na why, only di ones wey get who fit help dem with money dey fit gather evidence.

Before now, dis women go just go home because dem don lost evidence to prove say dem rape dem.

Hospital demand dey make dem even more helpless to fight for justice.

But now sha, Sabrina say, "people don dey know dia right so dem dey talk about am."

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