People shock as Trump say Jerusalem na Israel capital

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Image example Jerusalem mean something to di Jew, Christian and Muslim

E reach 17 Palestinians wey don wound after dem start I-no-gree on top say US President Donald Trump announce say Jerusalem na Israel capital.

One person condition don enter critical for di protest as Israel send soldiers inside West Bank after Palestinians do strike and enter street.

Plenty people all over di world shock when Mr Trump do di announcement wey don put US policy for reverse gear.

Protesters burn tyre and throw stone and Israel police use tear gas, rubber and live bullets answer.

How people see dis?

E good and e no good, na some of di reaction from people since tori come out say US president Donald Trump wan recognise Jerusalem as di capital of Israel.

As World leaders talk dia mind as to wetin dem think about Trump plan, some people don tell BBC News Pidgin wetin Jerusalem mean to dem.

For pastor Lawrence Bereiweriso wey don travel go Jerusalem go do pilgrimage before, di tori na good one, im support wetin President Trump do to recognise Jerusalem as di capital of Israel.

''From di bible point of view, Jerusalem na di capital of Israel since 3000 years now, e good say US dey recognise am, I support am.'' Na so Bereiweriso from Nigeria talk.

For Daud Oniyide wey be Islamic scholar for Nigeria, Jerusalem no fit ever be di capital of Israel.

''Jerusalem dey very important to Muslims, inside di three mosques wey Islam recognise, one dey Jerusalem.''

''Jerusalem no go fit be di capital of Israel, both Christians and Muslims no go accept am.'' Na so Oniyide talk.

Why dis reaction dem?

Plenty tori na im surround di Jerusalem mata and sabi people say to settle am, Israel and Palestine go need to sit down do talk talk and agree.

Dis na why many leaders including past presidents of America no gree conclude about di mata to recognise Jerusalem as di capital of Israel.

If you ask Israel where be dia capital, Israel people go say na Jerusalem but na dia e end as no other country recognise Jerusalem as di capital of Israel, even United Nations.

On di other hand, Palestinians say East Jerusalem na di capital of di Palestinian state wey dem wan create for future.

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Image example Di Al-Aqsa mosque na di third holiest site for di world for Muslims.

One of di reason Jerusalem na serious topic na say e dey important to di Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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Image example Al-Aqsa mosque compound, na also di Temple Mount complex wey dey important to di Jews as dia holiest site

Na dia di Temple Mount dey, di holiest site for di Jew people for di world. Na for Jerusalem na im di Al-Aqsa mosque dey wey be di third holiest place for di world for Muslims after Mecca and Medina.

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Image example Many Christians from around di world dey go Jerusalem for pilgrimage, dem dey visit di Holy Sepulchre church.

For Jerusalem old city na im you go also see di Church of di Holy Sepulchre where Christians regard as di place where Jesus burial ground dey.

Some sabi people bin predict before say new war or protest for di middle east region fit start if President Trump put mouth talk say Jerusalem na Israel capital.

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