'Men na scum' and other things wey Facebook no wan see for dia side

Facebook want people wey dey use dia plaform to dey save. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Facebook want people wey dey use dia plaform to dey save.

Facebook, wey be one of di different social media platform wey people all over di world dey use take talk dia mind and connect with who dem want, get dia own rules wey users suppose obey.

Di social platform don ban one female Comedian - Marcia Belsky - wey reply "men are scum" to one of her friend post for di platform as plenty women dey post on top di #metoo campaign.

Belsky no ever think say dem go ban her for 30 days but dat na wetin happen. She come try to follow fellow women wey be her friend talk if dem don experience dis kain thing.

One comedian for Boston Kayla Avery talk say Facebook don ban her close to 10 times for some kind of words wey she use for her post. words like:

"men na trash,"

"all men dey useless,"

"just imagine if men no dey exist."

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Image example Facebook get about 1.37 billion people wey dey use am everyday

According to Daily Beat wey try reach Facebook talk-talk person on top why statement like "men are scum" dey against dia community standard, di company talk say di statement na hate speech to one of di group wey Facebook dey protect and so dem dey bring am down.

Wetin be Facebook community standard?

Facebook talk say dem want people wey dey use dia platform to dey safe and because of dat reason, dem arrange wetin dem call Community Standards for users to know which kain thing dem fit share plus wetin others fit report and wetin Facebook fit remove. Some of dem na:

  • Naked picture and Sexual Activity.
  • Hate speech against people on top say dem dey disable, dem dey black or white, where dem from come, dia religion and if dem be man or woman.
  • Violent post wey dey too bad like video wey show di cutting of human being head.

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