Cameroon: "Soldiers dey do bad bad things"

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Ambazonia vox pop

People for Cameroon don tell BBC how soldiers wey many for di English speaking parts of di country take dey do dem.

Thousands of people don scatter, many run enter Nigeria, since di gbege for di English-speaking regions of Cameroon increase.

Last week, President Paul Biya bin announce say government go crack down on people wey im call secessionist, after dem kill up to 10 security people.

Di information minster for Cameroon Issa Tchiroma Bakary wey bin don talk before say "two police officers wey die for one border post for Southwest Region," say na people wey dey ginger say dem want dia own country for English-speaking regions kill dem.

Wetin dey make Southern Cameroon Vex?

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Image example Cameroon soldiers dey also battle Boko Haram for some border towns with Nigeria

Di English-speaking people wey no too plenty for di country, dey claim say di French-speaking parts no dey let better reach dem. Dem don dey shout say dem wan comot, go form dia own country.

Dem don arrest thousands of people since one year now.

Meanwhile soldiers enter di house of Julius Ayuktabe, one of di leaders of di movement - di governing council of Ambazonia - yesterday, for southwest Cameroon.

Im tell BBC say "soldiers wey dey for six trucks enter my village and when dem reach my house, dem begin kick di doors open".

Im add say di group (Ambazonia council) no be secessionist movement but say dem wan restore dia independence wey dem deny dem for 1961.

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