Ghana: Wetin you suppose know about swine flu

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Ghana Health officials don confirm say na swine flu cause di deaths of 4 Kumasi Academy students.

Dis na after laboratory test wey dem do for 12 out of 19 students from di school come out as positive.

Health Minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu announce say no reason to panic as di disease never spread enter community.

About Swine Flu

H1N1 virus wey also be swine flu na infection wey virus dey cause. Dem give am di name 'swine' wey be anoda name for pig, because na disease wey pigs fit catch.

Normally, e no dey dey common for human beings to catch di disease, unless person near infected pig or chop im meat wey dem no cook well.

For 2009, plenty people around di world bin catch di H1N1 virus (dis na wetin science people call am) so tay e even enter Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic.

Swine flu disease dey quick spread well-well from one person to anoda so e dey important to know wetin to do not to catch am and how to treat sharp-sharp so e no go spread.

Di way swine flu dey show for human being body no too dey different from normal cold and catarrh wey person dey get. Things like fever, cough, throat pain, body pain, headache, to dey feel cold and to dey feel tired.

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Image example One way not to spread swine flu na to cover your nose and mouth when you dey cough or sneeze

How to protect from swine flu

So as not to catch am:

  • Cover your nose and mouth when you dey cough or sneeze
  • Make e no dey tay before wash your hands with soap and water, especially after you just cough and sneeze finish
  • No carry your hand touch your eyes
  • No near people wey you know say get di virus

For person wey don catch am, medicine (vaccine) dey for swine flu and health officials dey advise say make person no too near other people.

Also, make person begin drink plenty water and sleep well-well.

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