Manchester Derby: Mourinho suppose get confidence small against City

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola
Image example Manchester United go face Machester City dis Sunday

From true-true fans of football to di analyst on top TV show, many people believe say Jose Mourinho style of game na to dey play defensive football but di goals wey Manchester United don score dis season tell us anoda thing.

During di 2010/11 Champions League season, Barcelona nack Real Madrid 2-0 for inside one semi-final match wey Madrid not only chop red card, but dem no even play one shot on target. When tori people bin ask Cristiano Ronaldo if im like di kind defensive football wey im team play, im reply say "No, I no like am but I suppose play how dem tell me".

Di person wey be oga that time na Jose Mourinho.

E don tay small since people don dey accuse Mourinho say na defensive football e dey make im team play, especially if dem quick score. E fit be say na dat first time im dey Chelsea dis kain talk first start or maybe when im dey for Inter Milan, but some go say di record dey dia to prove say im players no dey 'come out'.

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Image example Mourinho team don score 35 goals for di 2017/2018 premier league season

Number 1 vs Number 2

As Manchester City dey prepare to go face dia local rival Manchester United for derby match dis Sunday, Man U fans go dey wonder whether dia team go try to defend all di attacking game wey City go bring come, after all, na City don score pass for dis season with 46 goals.

Di good thing for those fans be say Manchester United dey follow gidigba for back with 35 goals. Also, dem bi number 2 dis season for number of matches clubs don win.

And Mourinho team don score for all di big-big match wey dem don play dis season.

Match time: 6:30 pm

Match day: Sunday 10 December

Stadium: Old Trafford

Match wey club don win

Rank Club Record
1 Manchester City 14
2 Manchester United 11
3 Chelsea 10
4 Arsenal 9
5 Liverpool 8

Goals wey club don score

Rank Club Record
1 Manchester City 46
2 Manchester United 35
3 Liverpool 33
4 Arsenal 29
5 Chelsea 28

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