Funny ways some people take lose dia job

Like play like play some people don lose dia job. Image copyright Getty Images

All work and no play fit make jack, Rita, Catherine, Johnbull or anybody dey dull. But play get limit.

Too much play-play for social media and real life don make some workers for different company all over di world lose dia job.

Recently, Urumqi Air don suspend one flight attendant wey film herself as she dey chop leftover food wey passengers chop remain. Di video don spread full everywhere after she post am.

Di first investigation wey di airline do show say di air hostess dey film herself for 'entertainment purpose'

Di airline bring out statement say wetin dia air hostess do seriously go against dia company regulations and dem don begin full investigation for di matter.

Dis flight attendant fit lose her job like others wey don use play-play get sack letter from work.

1) Kathy Griffin

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Image example Kathy Griffin cancel back di apology wey she been give on top di photo.

US TV network CNN sack comedian Kathy Griffin after she pose with picture wey show how dem cut di head of US President Donald Trump.

Di fake head be like wetin blood dey inside and e dey fearful to look, sotey di president son wey be 11 years old-Barron Trump begin fear say im papa don die.

2) Juli Briskman

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Image example Juli Briskman talk say her company no dey happy say she use di photo as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.

Akima company sack Juli Briskman after picture show how she give Donald Trump convoy middle finger full everywhere for social media.

She been dey ride her bicycle dey pass wen she see di president convoy dey pass and her 'blood just begin dey boil' because she no like Donald Trump policy.

3) Joanne Wickenden

Image copyright SNAPCHAT
Image example Joanne Wickenden wey get dream to become actress tell tori people say she no be racist.

British Airways sack dia 23-year-old air hostess Joanne Wickenden after video of when she dey insult Nigerian passengers and dey make racist comment come out for social media.

She tell oga dem for di airline say na joke she been dey joke for wetin she talk inside di video wey she upload for Snapchat.

4) Taco Bell employee Cameron Jankowski

Image example Cameron Jankowski win di "piss Olympics" contest for twitter but lost im job.

Taco Bell sack one of dia worker Cameron Jankowski after he tweet out picture of himself as e dey piss on top food wen im dey work.

Although e deny say e no serve di food give customer but di action wey im do dey bad.

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