Cameroon: Minority party say fight no happen for parliament

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Image example For November drama happen for parliament as ruling party lawmakers no gree chook mouth inside di Anglophone crisis

Social Democratic Front, wey be minority party for Cameroon, don tell BBC News Pidgin say dem no fight for inside parliament on Friday.

Tori bin say fight fight happen during di debate of dia budget for parliament for Yaoundé, wey lead to small injury for one member.

Joseph Banadzem wey be leader of Social Democratic Front party for parliament, tell BBC News Pidgin wetin happen.

According to am, one Democratic Union of Cameroon (CDU) lawmaker bin dey frustrated say di speaker no gree make dem debate, na im she start to dey throw things.

''We don dey block debate for di house for Yaoundé since, so di house go discuss di crisis for di Anglophone region, so wen di debate ontop budget start we block am as usual.''

''Di CDU lawmaker bin wan make di speaker allow dem to debate, she dey frustrated wen im no gree, dats why she begin throw name tags, wey come hit one MP from di ruling party.'' Na so Banadzem talk.

Video ontop social media bin show how lawmaker Patricia Ndam Njoya from di opposition Democratic Union of Cameroon throway something from her desk wey land ontop another lawmaker wey be part of di ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement. Im wound small for head.

We try to reach some members of di parliament from di ruling party but we no get response.

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Banadzem still talk say as dis one dey happen, di speaker still rush adopt di budget even as dem no debate am.

E never too tey wey another drama happen for inside di parliament ontop di English speaking region mata wey make di ruling CPDM lawmakers vex comot.

Di people for di English-speaking regions of Cameroon say di French-speaking side wey plenty pass, dey marginalise dem. Tension don increase as government continue to dey hold ground no gree discuss di issue.

E never too tey wey President Paul Biya declare say im go take measures to bring peace and serenity to Cameroon after dem kill four soldiers and two police officers for Manyu area for South West Cameroon.

Last week Nigeria talk say na 28,000 people don run from Cameroon enter di country.

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