Nigeria: 300 doctors migrate comot to other countries for 2016

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Image example Na 2,500 doctors fit migrate from Nigeria dis year

President of di Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Prof. Mike Ogirima don complain say 300 doctors comot from Nigeria, go find better place to work for 2016 alone.

Oga Ogirima talk dis one for di National Executive Council (NEC) 2017 meeting of NMA wey get di topic: Exodus of Healthcare Professionals, Time To Act Is Now.

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Image example Nigeria Medical Association na im big pass for West Africa

Di NMA President talk say na di government dey responsible to stop doctors to dey travel comot from di country.

"Di government suppose give better salary. We no say make dem pay doctors plenty salary, but make dia salary no dey tey before dem pay am."

According to Ogirima wey bi orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, di National Health Act of 2014 wey di government never implement, na im go make di health industry for Nigeria dey better, and e say di three to four percent of annual budget wey health sector dey get no go help.

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Image example United Kingdom and United States na di two countries wey Nigeria doctors dey migrate to pass

"Nigeria dey use resources to train doctors and professionals wey dey come benefit foreign countries. Wetin dey make professionals dey look outside? We go fit make sure say we get am for here?" na di question wey oga Ogirima bin ask.

One Nigerian doctor, Mrs Anire Asumah wey decide not to dey practice, say she believe say di quality of education wey doctors dey get for Nigeria don dey reduce, and dat one na part of di reason why dis doctors dey comot go other countries.

Anoda thing wey dey discourage doctors, according to Mrs Asumah, na say di way wey Consultants (wey bi like oga doctors), dey make am hard for junior doctors to progress, as dem go make simple-simple things difficult.

Like many people wey dey travel comot go UK and US, wetin dem dey see for dia no be as dem think am for Nigeria.

"Some people, maybe because dem no find out some things well-well, go reach there (foreign country) to come find out say things even hard for dem pass as e bin be for Nigeria," na wetin Asumah add put.

Now, she dey work as Healthcare Quality Assurance Professional.

Di two main place wey doctors dey go when dem comot Nigeria na United Kingdom and United States.

Na 8 out of 10 Nigerian doctors dey find work for abroad, according to report wey NOIPolls do with Nigeria Health Watch.

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