Opposition leaders wey form dia own government

Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga dey talk to im supporters for rally Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Raila Odinga been announce give im supporters say e go swear imself in as president for 12 December.

Di National Super Alliance (NASA) don postpone di 'swearing in' wey dem been dey plan to do for dia leader, Raila Odinga on 12 December.

For 28 November during di swearing in ceremony of Kenya president - Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Odinga been tell im supporters say e go hold assembly wey dem go swear am in as president.

But as Mr Raila don shift di date of im plan go front till further notice, di question wey people for Kenya and all over di world dey ask now be say, how Odinga wan take do wetin im dey plan? How many presidents go come dey Kenya if Mr Odinga swear imself in?

For Africa, dis no be di first time wey dis kain 'swearing in' wey Mr Odinga dey plan don happen. Something like dis don happen for Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Gambia.

1. Nigeria - M.K.O Abiola

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Image example Plenty people believe say na Moshood Abiola win for di 12 June 1993 election

Chief Moshood Abiola, contest for di June 12 1993 presidential election wey dem no announce di official final result come reach today.

Ibrahim Babangida wey be di Head of state then for Nigeria cancel di election on top say wayo and wuru wuru happen but plenty people believe say na Abiola win di election.

As di political tension dey increase because of di matter wey dey ground, General Sani Abacha come seize power later dat year.

Then for 1994, Abiola declare imself as di lawful president of Nigeria but dis make di military head of state- General Sani Abacha declare M.K.O wanted, arrest and accuse am of treason, which mean say im betray im own country and dey try to overthrow government.

Abiola come spend four years for prison im die di day wey dem suppose release am for 7 July 1998.

2. Ivory Coast - Alassane Ouattara

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For 31 October 2010, presidential candidate for Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara bin win 32 percent of di vote, while Laurent Gbagbo wey dey office win 38 percent.

Di two candidate go for second round of voting wey dem do 28 November and for 2 December 2010. Di electoral commission declare say na Mr Ouattara win di election with 54 percent of di vote.

But di next day di Constitutional Council say mistake dey for di results and dem come declare Mr Gbagbo to be di winner, with 51 percent of di vote.

Dem come do swearing-in of Mr. Gbagbo, wey get di support of military and top oga for government dem, to continue as president.

Mr Ouattara also do im own swearing in as president and form another different government wey base for one hotel inside Abidjan wey dey under di protection of UN Peacekeeping Forces.

Palava come burst for di mata sotay civil war start between di two ogas de. Di African Union (AU), Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) and other international joinbodi people chook mouth for di mata.

AU and ECOWAS suspend Ivory Coast and Mr Ouattara become president after im forces capture Mr Gbagbo.

3. Gambia - Adama Barrow

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Image example Adama Barrow na di current Gambia president

Adama Barrow wey be di current president for Gambia contest for di 1 December 2016 presidential election and win Yahya Jammeh wey dey for power since after di 1994 coup.

At first Mr Jammeh bin agree say Barrow win am for di election but for 9 December, im do U-turn come reject di result and talk say make dem re-do another election.

Mr Barrow, later come tell BBC say im go declare himself president for 18 January even as Yahya Jammeh don reject di election result.

Then for 19 January, dem swear in Mr Barrow as president for dia embassy wey dey neighboring Senegal.

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