Africa suppose worry about 6000 IS Africa fighters wey fit return

Iraqi soldiers dey jubilate after dem collect city of Al-Qaim from IS Image copyright Getty/AFP
Image example Iraqi soldiers take over Al-Qaim city from IS on November 3 2017

African countries get enough reasons to worry about di almost 6,000 Islamic State (IS) fighters wey fit return from Iraq and Syria.

Smail Chergui, Africa Union commissioner for peace and security don warn all African countries make dem shine eye, as some of dia country people wey go fight for IS dey prepare to return.

But na wetin make dis warning dey very important for Africa?

IS branch dey Africa

From way back, IS don declare say dem get branch for different countries inside Africa like Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya. Dem dey very active for Somalia.

On top of am, AU believe say people from other countries inside di continent still follow go fight.

Image copyright Getty/AFP

Dem fit practice wetin dem learn

As Iraq announce say e don conquer IS, those African fighters fit relocate back home.

Di fear wey dey ground now be say, if di jihadists come back, dem go carry dia fight come home as dem go wan practice wetin dem learn from IS.

Africa no too get security

Already, Africa security no too bam like dat and any kind IS attack go cause serious threat to national security and stability.

Boko Haram experience for Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger and al-Shabab for Somalia and Kenya don show say, no one country fit fight jihadist group dem for Africa.

Dat na why Chergui, say e dey important for all di countries to join hand make sure say dem share information and find special way to handle di situation.

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