How weather go bad reach to cancel flight

More domestic flight na im dem dey cancel across Nigeria as di meteorological agency dey predict more bad weather condition across di country dis period.

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, tell passengers over di weekend to dey careful and avoid to attack airline workers on top bad weather wey fit lead to flight cancellation.

Na which point bad weather go bad reach before dem go cancel flight:

  • Fog - na when weather no clear because of some kain water particles wey full for atmosphere so tey 1000 meters space no clear.
  • Haze - na di opposite of fog, on to say na when weather no clear because of some kain dust particles wey full for atmosphere so tey one to three kilometres space no clear.
Image copyright Wikimedia
Image example Fog weather for southern Nigeria
  • Rain storm - Na rain wey carry strong breeze with thunder and lightning join.
  • Snow - na form of ice wey dey drop from atmosphere wey come block di earth surface
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Image example Snow for London
  • Fuel scarcity - Dis one na man made wey fit cause flight cancellation on to say JET-A1 wey dem dey take power plane, fit scarce to get.

Tori be say between December and January plenty fight fit cancel for Nigeria on to dis weather matter.

Na winter for Europe and di same thing dey happen there.

Di smart thing to do na to consult di weather man and check with di airline wey you book before you fly dis period.

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