Liberia: Dutch lawyers say make weapons seller come answer case

Liberian child soldiers Image copyright Chris Hondros

Government lawyers for Netherlands dey ask say make South Africa deport arms dealer wey dem accuse say im sell illegal weapons during Liberia civil war.

Interpol South Africa bin arrest Dutch arms dealer Augustinus Petrus Kouwenhoven for Cape Town and court don sentence am to 19 years for prison.

Dem say for 2000 reach 2003, im sell weapons give former Liberian president Charles Taylor so dat im go get special treatment and get correct timber business deals.

Netherland Attorney-General, Cara Pronk-Jordan, talk say di weapons wey Kouwenhoven dey sell give rebels, dem use am do bad things and im still continue to dey sell di weapons even as United Nations ban am.

Di government lawyers add join say Kouwenhoven no dey for Netherlands when dem sentence am and e fit dey for South Africa.

E no too clear how long im don dey live for South Africa or when im go there.

Liberia still dey recover from di two civil wars wey happen for di country wey kill over 250, 000 people.

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