Nigeria: Why Ichi no be any ordinary gorilla

Cross River silverback gorilla Image copyright JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN
Image example Only 300 Cross River silverback gorilla remain for world

Ichi di gorilla surprise di people of Ofambe and Okiro villages wey dey Cross River state, south-south Nigeria when im show face near di two villages.

Dis na because people no too dey carry eye see dis kain gorilla, wey dem dey call, 'Cross River gorilla'.

For di whole world na just 300 Cross River gorilla remain and dem dey hide from people because dem dey kill-kill dem.

Sabi people from di World Conservation Society (WCS) wey dey monitor dis gorilla believe say Ichi show because im dey find wife to start im own family.

Image copyright My Gorilla-My Community
Image example Bush meat popular for Nigeria

E dey normal say when gorilla don grow, im go waka comot di group wey dem born am, go find female wey go join am to start im own group.

Cross River Gorilla expert Dr. Inaoyom Imong of WCS for Calabar talk say, ''Ichi di gorilla go return back inside forest and maybe e fit find wife if people no disturb am''.

''And e go fit be good thing for di protection of animals and for di future of different kain animals wey dey for Nigeria.''

Image copyright My Gorilla-My Community
Image example 'Linda's Joint' na radio show wey dey teach people for Cross River to protect gorillas and di forests wey dem dey live

As things dey so, na only for mountains or parks for Cross River State for south-south, Nigeria and areas near di south-west region of Cameroon, di Cross River gorilla dey live.

People don kill and chop di gorilla sotay na only 100 Cross River gorillas remain for Nigeria and another 200 for Cameroon.

WCS dey try stop dis kain kill-kill of gorilla for villages wey near di forest wey di gorilla dey.

Dem dey use radio drama wey dem call 'Linda's Joint' to train di villagers make dem no dey disturb am anytime di gorilla show face for dia village.

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