How you fit stop plastic doti for environment

Dustbin with plenty doti. Image copyright iStock
Image example Some plastic bags fit stay up to 20 - 1000 years before e spoil.

Plastic waste dey really doti di soil and even water especially nylon bag and plastic bottles. Plastic no dey rotten so some of dem fit stay reach 20 to 1000 years.

Plenty countries don even ban nylon bags like Eritrea, Morocco, Rwanda, China and just recently Kenya follow join di list while some countries like South Africa dey charge money to people wey dey use nylon.

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Dem dey use strong chemicals like Polypropylene dey do anything wey be plastic and if di chemical enter human being or animal body, e fit cause serious sickness like liver and lung wahala.

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Doti from plastic fit enter di gutter for our area and dis na one of di main thing wey dey cause flooding for many African countries.

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So, wetin we fit do to make sure say plastic no spoil our environment?

1. Troway doti inside dustbin

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Stop to dey troway plastic, whether na nylon bag or plastic bottle for road. Find any dustbin wey near you, troway am inside.

2. No dey buy bottle water

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Image example Hawking dey banned for Lagos, Nigeria.

If you dey inside traffic and water dey hungry you, e dey very easy to just buy bottle water from hawkers but remember where dat bottle fit end up if you don drink di water finish. Carry your own water from house inside water bottle and you go even save money wey you for use buy bottle water.

3. Begin dey recycle

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Recycling na one of di ways many countries dey use manage dia waste. E get many things wey plastic waste fit produce like bag, jewellery and even toys, if dem recycle am. Some ways you fit help people wey dey recycle na to separate your doti, put am inside di correct dustbin or carry all your doti for house give people wey dey do recycling. Some recycling companies dey even pay people wey dey give dem dia doti.

4. Comot your eye from straw

Image copyright Bunte Strohhälme/istock

Plastic straw dey follow doti our environment. Except say na paper straw, drink your drink like dat.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori