Nigeria: One year after MMM waka with people money

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Na one year now, since dat fine morning wey some Nigerians wake up, only to hear say dia money wey dem "invest" inside MMM don waka.

Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) reign no be small and inside 2016 plenty people inside Nigeria put dia money, some even go borrow put for di "business".

MMM na ponzi scheme - dat na business wey no pure, dem dey collect money from new people wey join to give those wey don old for di business.

Even though say Central Bank of Nigeria warn people many-many times make dem no put dia money for di "business," people still no hear.

As e don reach one year so, BBC News Pidgin talk to some Nigerians wey "invest" for di scheme to know wetin dey dia mind as par dia MMM experience.

Mary say wetin carry her go do MMM na because she bin want di "awuuf money."

She say she bin know say na free money because she no work for am, but she still chook head sha because she want "more money."

Na $138.89 (50,000 naira) she put inside and she no collect ten kobo.

No be only her no collect anything inside di "investment," plenty people no see dia money collect.

Faith (no be her real name), put reach $1388.89 (500,000 naira) and na so di whole money waka.

For Faith, she say di thing no be "funny experience" at all. She go borrow money from friends and family members with mind say she go get 30% profit.

Many people wey no follow put dia money bin wonder why people gree enter di ponzi scheme.

Na different reactions people get on top di mata. Some believe say na greed cause am, others believe say "life na risk" and people must take risk to see if things go better for dem.

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