Ghana: 414 communities don stop to use road as toilet

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Image example Ghana government say dem get plan to help comot dirty and disease.

Hundreds of communities for Ghana dia Upper West Region don collect better title from United Nations wey be Open Defecation Free (ODF).

Dis one mean say people no dey carry go toilet anyhow on top road, and things don good sotay signs wey dem write "no urinate here" no go too dey popular like before.

Tori be say na 414 communities for di Region na im United Nations don clap for on top sanitation matter - dis na out di 1,167 communities wey dey for Upper West Region.

According to UNICEF and di Center of Democratic Development, dis numbers don make di region carry first for clean-clean levels.

All dis one dey come as dem start to dey run di Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) for di area.

Dis na one of di projects wey authorities say dem don dey use, wey make di way people use road as toilet to drop from 71.9% for 2010, to 49.2% for 2014.

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Image example To dey use outside as toilet (wey be Open Defecation) na big problem all over di world

Mr Henry Bagah wey be di Environmental Health Minister for di Upper Region, talk say im hope dis Open Defecation Free Ghana Campaign wey dem bin start on Tuesday go help Ghana comot dirty and disease.

Tori be say dis na one of di ways wey Ghana dey take obey one of di Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) wey dey look how to provide safe water and keep di world clean with better hygiene by 2030.

BBC News Pidgin bin try reach di Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation but im phone dey off.

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