Social media fit destroy di way society dey work - Former Facebook oga

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One former Facebook oga, Chamath Palihapitiya don join others to talk about di harm wey social media dey cause di society all over di world.

Mr Palihapitiya na vice president for Facebook before and im talk say e dey pain am how im put hand take help build Facebook.

Im talk dis one give people wey gather for Stanford Graduate School of Business.

"I think we don create wetin fit destroy di better way of how society suppose work". Im advise say make peole dey take 'break' from social media.

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Image example Chamath Palihapitiya say na di whole social media im dey talk about

But Facebook don chook mouth for di mata. Dem say wetin dem dey do na to build new social media experience around di world.

Dem also talk say things don change since Mr Palihapitiya comot di company.

"Mr Palihapitiya no work more than six years for Facebook.

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Image example Sean Parker wey be di first president of Facebook don talk about social media too.

Mr Palihapitiya no be di first person wey don talk dis kain thing.

Sean Parker, wey be di first president for Facebook don comot before to talk say im regret wetin im do for di history of Facebook.

Im talk tell tori site Axios say "Only God know wetin e dey do to our children brains."

How Facebook fit spoil society?

Mr Palihapitiya explain wetin im mean give CNBC say social media dey create society wey dey confuse "popularity" with "truth."

Im say: "Today we dey live for world wey dey easy to confuse truth and popularity."

"And you fit use money take make anything wey you believe spread and make people to believe say wetin dey popular na di truth. And wetin no dey popular fit no be truth."

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Image example Last week Facebook launch Messenger Kids wey be dia first app for children under di age of 13.

Mr Palihapitiya give di example of di Republican Senate candidate from Alabama, Roy Moore, wey dem accuse say e dey touch small-small pickin anyhow for di wrong place but e use social media to argue am.

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