Justice still dey holiday after two years for Zaria Shi'a attack

Shia Muslims for Kaduna Image copyright AMINU ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Na every year Shia Muslims dey waka from all over di north go dia headquarters for Zaria, Kaduna

Two years don pass since one Kaduna government committee say di Nigeria army kill 349 Shi'a Muslims for Zaria, north-west Nigeria and till today no soldier don receive punishment.

One of di reasons why nobodi don hold di Nigerian army for dis bad thing wey happen na because di Nigeria government never open mouth talk anything on top di matter like say nothing happen for Zaria - dis na how Amnesty International see di palava.

Na for 2015, from December 12 to 14, na im members of di Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) wey dey march go dia headquarters for Zaria bin block road for Kaduna North area, sotay even Nigeria chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai and di soldiers wey dey waka with am no see anywhere pass.

Wetin happen next shake Nigeria after tori spread say army don kill hundreds of people, quickly bury dia dead-bodi for one big grave near Mando, Kaduna state.

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Image example Nigeria chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai

Di official number wey government talk say die na 349 but e fit pass dis one, because till today hundreds of people still dey lost since di attack.

''Di force wey di Nigeria army use too strong,'' na wetin di committee people talk.

Di military bin talk that time say na di Shi'a Muslim start di wahala, say dem wan kill di Gen. Tukur Buratai.

Di committee still put small blame on top di head of di leader of IMN wey be Sheik Ibraheem El Zakzaky, say im no do well as im no control im followers.

But di committee advice government make dem carry di people wey get hand inside di matter go court, quick-quick.

Di Kaduna state government wey dey in charge of dis committee come change mouth, troway plenty of di advice wey di committee bin talk.

Since then, Kaduna state government and federal government never talk pim on top di matter.

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Image example Di Shi'a Muslims no too plenty for Nigeria but dem get history of fight-fight with police and soldiers

Osai Ojigho, wey be di Director of Amnesty International Nigeria tell tori people say: ''many families still never know wetin happen to dia mama, papa and pickin dem wey don disappear since December, 2015.''

"As Nigeria government no wan arrest anybody on top di kill-kill of hundreds of women, men and children by soldiers for Zaria, e mean say Nigeria don give army green light make dem dey no respect human rights for dis country."

Ms Ojighi add say: ''time don reach make international law investigate dis bad thing wey happen."

BBC News Pidgin bin don try different ways to reach di Nigeria Army, make dem talk dia own side of dis tori but nobody gree pick our phone call.

Image copyright AMINU ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Tori be say dis na di big land near Mando, Kaduna North wey dem bury over 349 Shi'a Muslims

Meanwhile, di IMN group dia leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky and im wife still dey prison since di attack for December 2015, even after Abuja High Court don talk say make dem free di two of dem reach since one year ago.

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