South Sudan palava don reach four years

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Image example President Salva Kiir still dey in charge for South Sudan

Since December 2013, e don pass 50,000 wey die for fight-fight for South Sudan.

On top di people wey don die, e pass another 1.6 million people wey don become refugees for dia own country as dem no get where dem fit go.

Now, humanitarian agency dem like United Nations and Norwegian Refugee Council dey call world people say thing go still hard for South Sudan if dem no take time.

United Nations just talk say dem need like $1.7 billion to help 6 million people (wey be like half of di population) to arrange dia body deal wit all di fight-fight, hunger and economic palava for di country.

South Sudan be di country wey new pass for di world and e get crude oil. But as fight-fight bin scatter di country, things no too pure.

Na only 15% of di population get mobile phone and plenty of dia infrastructure no make sense.

Wetin bin happen?

Di major thing wey cause palava for di country na power.

Wen di country first get independence, President Salva Kiir and im Vice dat time, Riek Machar dey find who go dey on top.

Na so for December 2013, President Kiir talk say Machar get hand for coup and fight-fight come start.

As di fight start, na plenty civilian suffer and many international NGO don do report say plenty cases of rape and sexual violence dey, dem destroy many property and dem even dey use children carry gun dey fight.

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For 2015, after plenty international and world people chook mouth for di matter, President Salva Kiir bin sign paper wit im former Vice President Riek Machar say dem do peace.

When e come be like say peace go come back, Machar bin return to Juba di capital of South Sudan and dem put am back as Vice President.

E no take two year siddon for office. By July 2016, fight-fight start again between people wey dey support government and di people wey no like dem.

Machar come run leave South Sudan and Kiir put General Taban Deng Gai as Vice President.

Call for Help

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Image example Women dey suffer pass for all di fight fight wey dey happen for South Sudan

Rehana Zawar, Norwegian Refugee Council's Country Director talk say: "As e be so, after four years for all dis fight-fight for South Sudan, things still dey spoil and e no be like say e go change."

"Many women and children don suffer well-well as di violence dey happen for many side for di country. People no fit go farm and dem fit rape woman anyhow wen she dey hustle to help herself or family."

South Sudan dey among di country dem wit di highest number of people wey no get house because of fight-fight.

Alain Noudehou, U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan talk say: "We dey find $1.72 billion to help di 6 million people wey dey find serious help for South Sudan."

South Sudan for 2016

  • Internally displaced people: 1.85 million
  • IDPs wey dey for protection: 222,862
  • South Sudan refugees: 1.4 million

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