Countries dey gather to comot plastic from sea

Plastic bottles for beach

Wia dis foto come from, Bo Eide

About 200 country dem don sign understanding for Kenya wey go remove plastic pollution for sea.

Dis na move wey some of di representatives dey hope say go put law in place.

If pollution continue di way e dey, na im be say plastic go plenty pass fish for sea by 2050, na United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) wey arrange di meeting talk dis one.

UNEP say every year na eight million tonnes of plastic - bottle dem and other dirty things - dem dey troway inside ocean, wey dey kill living things for inside water and dey enter food wey human being dey chop.

Norway environment minister, Vidar Helgesen, tell Reuters say im country don see di kain damage wey pollution fit cause.

Helgesen say dem don see small-small plastics for inside mussels, wey be shellfish people dey like to chop for Norway.

For January dis year, dem find 30 plastic bags for inside di belle of one whale wey land for beach.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis year Kenya ban plastic bag for dia country.

Na China dey produce plastic waste pass for di world but dem sef don dey make effort to reduce am, na wetin UNEP head, Erik Solheim talk.

"If e get any country wey don change pass anybody na China…di speed and di determination wey di government dey take handle dis mata no be small".

Solheim say wetin im want government dem to do na to ban and to redesign some packaging.

For di new plan, country dem go agree to start to dey monitor di number of plastic wey dey enter sea. Na 193 countries sign di agreement.

"But dis no be agreement, na important step wey dem don take…39 government don announce new commitment to reduce di number of plastic wey dey enter sea,"

"Chile, Oman, Sri Lanka and South Africa…don announce plans to even ban plastic bag.