FESTAC fire: Wetin dey cause petrol tanker accident for Nigeria?

Lagos Firemen 7, May 2010 Ijora, Lagos Image copyright Akintunde Akinleye

Na 21 motors dem burn for di fire wey happen on top Festac Link Bridge, Amuwo- Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria last night.

E reach 18 motor, three bus and five bikes wey burn troway as tanker wey load 33,000 litres of diesel break comot from di truck wey carry am, come fall on top bridge.

According to di Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, nobody die; but one man get small injury.

Different members of Nigeria security organisations dem na im join hands together to stop di fire.

No be di first time wey dis kain petrol tanker accident don happen for di country and people dey always wonder why e dey happen.

Area people say dem happy as nobodi die for dis FESTAC accident but plenty people don lose dia life before for other petrol tanker accident wey don happen.

Image copyright kikigist.com
Image example Dis one happen for Onitsha wey petrol tanker catch fire come burn torway; e kill people wey bin pack full inside di buses dem

28 March 2007

  • E reach 98 people wey die, after one petrol tanker explode for village for Kaduna state, wey dey northwest Nigeria.
  • Di victims bin dey try to gather fuel from tanker wey carry 33,000-litre petrol come crash for road near di village.

12 July 2012

  • Na over 100 people lost dia life near Okogbe village for Rivers state, South-South Nigeria, after petrol tanker jam other motor dem.
  • Tori be say di tanker no catch fire quick-quick, so villagers bin rush go dia go collect fuel.
  • Di tanker come explode, come burn many of dem die.
  • Na motorcycle riders dem bin full pass for di people wey dey rush go dia go collect fuel.
Image copyright Akintunde Akinleye
Image example People rush go where one plane wey dey fly come from Abuja for 2013 crash. Dem try carry anything wey dem fit carry even as smoke dey comot for dia and di area no safe.

5 April 2013

  • E pass 36 people and pickin wey lose dia life for road accident when one petrol tanker jam with lorry and bus.
  • Di thing happen for di Benin-Ore expressway for Edo state, South-South Nigeria.
  • Di tanker explode after di accident, and most of di people wey die be passengers wey dey travel inside di bus.

1 June 2015

  • For Onitsha, South-East Nigeria, more than 60 people die after one fuel tanker crash inside bus stop come catch fire.
  • People wey dey dia dat time say di driver lose control as e dey drive go.
Image copyright Akintunde Akinleye
Image example Fire fighter dey cool im body as dem dey try kwensh fire wey dey burn petrol tanker wey catch fire for Ogba wey dey Lagos for 2010; nobodi die inside.

28 July, 2017

  • Na ten people die and plenty other people wound when one explode after e jam one 18-seater bus wey dey travel di road.
  • Authorities talk say most of di people wey die inside be passengers wey dey inside di bus.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori