Nigeria: 'How we wan survive without salary?'

corper wey dey cry Image copyright AFP/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/Getty
Image example Dis NYSC corps member no dey among her mates for Nigeria wey say dem never collect salary from government.

Di small allowance or "allawee" wey Nigeria National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members dey take manage dia life no dey reach many of dem again.

Dis na wetin some of dem tell BBC Pidgin; even as many corpers for different part of Nigeria no see dia allawee collect for some months now.

Jamil, na corp member wey dey do im service for Kaduna - e say di thing dey pain no be small because many of di corpers come from far place and dem no get any family member wey go give dem money when dem no see anything chop.

Since di last few weeks, corpers for many states for Nigeria, don carry placard enter road for different states and di latest protest don happen for Kaduna, north-west Nigeria.

MaryAnn na another corper for Kaduna; she still tell BBC News Pidgin say most of dem dey depend only on dat small money for everything.

She say di $55 (19,800 naira) allawee na im many of dem dey take buy food, pay transport, wear cloth and for many of dem, even pay transport go work.

Image copyright AFP/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/Getty
Image example Corpers as dem dey for Jos for 2008; national service na wetin young people suppose dey do once dem comot university

Jamil say e dey very shameful to "see corper dey beg im fellow corper for money" because e no get who go give am.

E add say many of dem dey live far from dia work place, and even as government dey owe dem, dem must still dey go work or face "punishment."

For November, corpers for Taraba and Nasarawa state also protest because dem no see dia allawee.

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