Kenya: Automatic death sentence no dey legal again

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Image example Kenya dia Supreme Court talk say dis one no mean dem go comot death penalty finish

Kenya Supreme Court don rule say by force death sentence no dey legal, for appeal case wey two death row convicts bin carry come.

Death row convicts Francis Karioko Muruatetu and Wilson Thirimbu Mwangi, waka go di biggest court for Kenya say make dem comot death sentence for di constitution, after dem bin dey death row, dey wait execution for 16 years.

For Kenya law, if person commit murder, do treason or use violence thief from person, na only one punishment bin dey - death sentence.

But di Supreme Court talk say dis one no dey give di judges chance to judge di matter well-well, or reason wetin make di convict do wetin im do.

Di ruling go allow judges fit dey consider di matter before dem decide which sentence fit di crime - but death sentence still dey to use as punishment.

For di convicts wey dey death row, dis ruling mean say dem fit enter back to court, to appeal dem sentence.

Kenya never carry out any death sentence for di past thirty years.

50 people don apply to be hangman for Zimbabwe

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Image example Many death row inmates dey die as dem dey wait execution

According to BBC tori person Ferdinand Omondi, many Kenya people wey dey death sentence dey die for prison, as dem dey wait make dem kill dem.

Human rights group bin don dey talk say dis na very painful life sentence be dat one.

But now, Amnesty International don praise di move for dia website.

Dem talk say wetin remain na make Kenyan authorities dey look for way to take comot the death sentence finish.

Other Countries wey get matter with Death Sentence


  • For October, e pass 50 people wey apply to get di job of hangman. Dis na because Zimbabwe never get hangman since 2006 wey di last one retire.
  • Na over 92 people dey for prison dey wait when government go kill dem.
  • Some of dis death row people don go court to appeal but e never work.


  • Ghana too no get any professional person to kill people wey dey death row.
  • Dis tori comot after Amnesty International write report for July say for September 2016, na 137 prisoners dey death row and dem never kill dem.
  • Di last time wey dem do record say person die through death sentence na for 1993, when John Rawlings dia president dat time bin order say make dem kill 12 people by firing squad.
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Image example Death penalty na something wey Nigeria dey use for dia justice system


  • For April, Amnesty International chook dia mouth for inside di matter say Lagos State bin dey plan to kill some inmates wey dey Kirikiri prisons.
  • Di government come fire back say whether or not plan dey to execute people no be Amnesty International dia business.
  • Na di Foreign Affairs Ministry talk dis one through dia Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Olushola Enikanolaye.
  • Im say di one wey Amnesty International dey talk say death penalty dey outdated na propaganda.

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