Wetin be dis Hijab palava for Twitter?

Picture of how di mata take dey trnd for twitter. Image copyright Twitter/Savvy_ruqqy
Image example Picture of how di mata take dey trend for twitter.

Social media don catch fire again. No be #Endsars, #Nottooyoungtorun or #Metoo...na #Hijab dey shake Twitter now.

Wetin happen? Di whole thing start after one Instagram user, 'Savvy_ruqqy', start to dey hala say why dem no gree do 'call to bar' for one woman because she wear Hijab.

Na so plenty people carry di mata put for dia head.

Ok, so how dis Hijab mata take waka? Dem just do wetin dem dey call 'call to bar' for lawyers wey graduate for law school. Dis one mean say now, dem fit start to dey practice law for di country. So dis 'call to bar' dey important for any lawyer wey get plan to dey argue case for court.

Na Council of Legal Education(CLE) and Body of Benchers (BOB) dey arrange di ceremony.

So, as di tori be na, dem no gree do call to bar for one woman lawyer because she wear Hijab, come nack lawyer wig on top.

Meanwhile plenty people don dey talk dia mind on top di matter for twitter.

Director-General of di Nigerian law school, Dr. Olanrewaju Onadeko, tell BBC Pidgin say im too just hear di Hijab mata and never get di full report.

Im say di small di small informate wey im get be say no be for inside di hall where di 'call to bar' ceremony dey take place na im dem send di lady comot.

"All dis happen for outside di hall where dem dey check people wey wan enter. I no dey there because I don already enter inside di hall dat time."

"I still dey expect full report concerning wetin happen."

Other lawyers don chook mouth for di mata.

Barrister Chijioke Agi say everyone suppose dress well with di wig and gown.

"E no get any law wey dey ground but na di requirement wey CLE put down for everybody to follow.

"Di Body of Benchers (BOB) wey dey sponsor 'call to bar' ceremony support di requirement from CLE. So if anybody no follow dis rule or practice, dem go say di person no fit to join Nigerian bar.

Image example Barrister Nwadiogu Bernard say call to bar na priviledge no be right.

Another lawyer, Nwadiogu Bernard, say e get wetin dem dey call di 'unwritten laws of di legal profession.'

E say: "To dey among those wey dem call to di Nigerian bar or begin practice as a lawyer na privilege; no be right.

"So one need to obey every regulation wey di CLE or BOB agree on top before dem go fit call am to bar. If not dem go say dat person no dey fit for character even though di person bin dey fit im don pass di bar exam."

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