Cameroon: Wetin we want as C' wealth Sec-Gen wan visit

Patricia Scotland wey be di Secretary-General for di Commonwealth Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Tori people say Patricia Scotland fit chook mouth inside di palava wey don dey happen for Cameroon

Cameroon people dem don dey react as Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland go arrive dis evening, to start her five-day official visit.

Tori person Bela Abel tell BBC News Pidgin reporter Leocadia Bongben say: "I wantam say as Ms Scotland yi di kam Cameroon, make yi go for Anglophone side for go look weti di happen with dis pipol because dat thing weh government di tok say mi yi no go for Bamenda side and mi yi go only for south west go makam mi no know weti dis pipol di go through, yi go see weti di happen."

Abel say di reason e tok dis one na so dat "after yi go komot for Cameroon weh yi nova find solution. i pray say as yi don kam so mi go look dis problem so dat we fit siddon for peace for Cameroon."

Dis go be di first time wey Ms Scotland go waka go Cameroon.

For statement wey di Commonwealth put for dia website na im dem say di Secretary-General go land for Yaoundé. Na there she go meet with President Paul Biya and Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

Talk-talk sef go happen with ministers, opposition party leaders and civil society representatives dem.

Secretary-General Scotland say she don dey look road for dis her visit.

Why Southern Cameroon wan comot

She add say: "As we reason Cameroon as important member of our Commonwealth family, dis visit go allow me not only to know di people more-more but, di one wey important pass be say we go talk well-well about di ways wey di Commonwealth fit support Cameroon's efforts to face di different palava wey dey dia front now-now."

Ms Scotland dey visit for time when things don dey hot well-well for di English-speaking regions of Cameroon, as some people for di areas dey ginger say dem wan comot, go form dia own country.

Tori people don dey reason say one of di matter wey fit dey table na di fight-fight wey don dey happen for English-speaking regions of Cameroon, where some people wan break comot, go form dia own country.

Di palava wey dey for Cameroon na for di two English-speaking areas, wey be minority for di country. Dem say dem dey suffer as di majority wey be French-speaking people, no dey let better reach dem.

Hilary Ngalim wey get shop for Yaoundé tell BBC News pidgin say "I wan say make yi tok keenly about de Anglophone problem, dis problem don worry we kontri for de way weh man no fit tok, I hope say yi if she go tok about weti weh Commonwealth di think about de crisis, yi go helep for solve de problem. All man di call for dialogue, but we go wan say make yi try for see how weh dis problem fit be solved.

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