Nigeria: Petrol attendants dey collect money - motorist

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Petrol attendants dey collect money - motorist

Dis fuel scarcity wahala don dey worry business waka for Lagos, Nigeria, especially transport people and market women dem.

Most bus drivers say even though diesel dey and e dey sell sharp sharp, to buy petrol na wahala as dem fit spend di whole day for fuel line.

Babatunde Lateef say since 10 o'clock for morning na im he dey filling station line till 4 o'clock for evening, he never still buy fuel.

Image example Black market people don dey sell fuel for jerry can

He say some people say if you give di fuel attendant dem money, like N500 naira, dem fit allow you buy fuel otherwise you go tanda for di line. So since morning, no business for am.

Etteh David wey be bus driver say, di fuel wey him get na di one he buy yesterday and if he no see buy today, he go park motor.

Image example Time wey people for use find money, dem dey spend for fuel line

Mercy Arounde wey dey sell market say di fuel scarcity dey worry dia market as dis morning when dem reach bus stop, dem no see motor to carry dem come market from Oyingbo to Obalende.

Even though dem say transport money still dey as e dey as dem never increase am, di thing de cause palava as many bus fit park motor for garage sake of say dem no see fuel buy.

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