Sierra Leone: 'Some people don blind, some dey impotent' - Ebola Survivor

Yusuf Kabba, President Sierra Leoen Ebola Survivors Association Image copyright Yusuf Kabba
Image example Yusuf Kabba say Sierra Leone government get plenty question to answer on top how di Ebola virus waka for di country

Sierra Leone people wey survive di deadly Ebola virus Disease dey hope say as two of dem don drag di government go court, then di sufferhead wey dem dey face go less well-well.

Yusuf Kabba wey be di President, Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors tell BBC New Pidgin tori person Ruona Meyer say dem need justice because: "some people no dey see again, dem eye don blind.

Di women dem to get menstruation na problem, dem no dey see on time. Some men get erection problem, dem don turn impotent."

Na on Friday 15 December na im tori comot say two Ebola survivors, wey catch di virus when dem dey serve as health workers, dey accuse government say dem no handle money wey dem suppose use fight di disease with clean hand, and na part of wetin kill over 3,000 people for di West African country.

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Ebola Survivours dey cry on to Human Rights Violation

Reuters dey report say di case dey for dormot of di Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) court, wey dey siddon for Abuja, Nigeria.

Oga Kabba say dis workers dey suffer like di patients wey dem look after. Na around 250 health workers die for Sierra Leone during di epidemic.

"Dis people sacrifice dia life, dem fight di Ebola battle and government promise to give dem $5000 each. But nothing enter dia hand, till now. We no want di government to use money take do campaign, while we dey suffer, as Ebola survivors."

Im say dis ECOWAS case na just two, of about 3,600 survivors.

"When dem carry us go Ebola centre, dem burn our clothe; everything wey we get, but after we comot hospital, nothing dem give us. We want make ECOWAS, make dem look at human rights violation."

"We don see say we country no wan show interests to we human rights as citizens dem. Make we complain and draw di attention of ECOWAS, so dem look am, look wetin we dey go through. Dis na wetin dey worry our mind, and di mind of di health workers wey carry case come," na wetin im add put.

Sierra Leone special school for pregnant girls

Sierra Leone dia Attorney General wey be Joseph Kamara bin tell Reuters on 15 December say di government never know about di case, and until dem know, im no fit talk about di matter.

E pass 11,300 people wey die of Ebola virus disease, when di epidemic waka well-well for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone from 2013 to 2016.

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