Meet Nigeria first northern woman General

Commodore Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa, during her promotion
Image example Commodore Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa, bin get promotion to Commodore on 18 December 2017

Last-last, northern Nigeria don get im first female general for Nigeria Navy.

Commodore Jamila Abubakar Sadiq Malafa, overcome challenges wey dey culture and religion for northern Nigeria to become di first woman to reach di rank of Commodore. Dis one equal to Brigadier General for military.

She come from Gombi local government area for Adamawa state, North East Nigeria, and she be international Maritime lawyer with the Nigeria Navy.

Commodore Jamia Malafa, talk to BBC Pidgin about how she take reach where she dey today.

Image example From beginning she bin no plan to join military as nobody for family don ever dey for military before

First challenge when she wan enter military

Her father bin dey very strict and he no dey allow im daughters comot except to go school, so she no ask for im permission before she enter army.

When she finally join Navy, fear no gree her tell her papa and her papa no happy with her at all when im find out. He bin want her to leave Navy come back house.

She say "my father bin be my first challenge when I wan join military" because of culture and religion.

Image example She bin marry before her husband die, she get her home, her children and her career

Social and religion challenge

Di number of northern women wey dey military dey very low and many of dem dey find am hard to join.

Many challenges dey prevent northern women from joining military including issues like marriage, society, religion and plenty other things join.

She say even as she dey Navy, e no prevent her from anything, she dey dress and live her life di way wey she suppose as a Muslim woman.

Any discrimination?

She say she no face any gender discrimination throughout her stay for military.

Image example Most families for northern Nigeria believe say military work na for only men

She say di training and di rank na di same for women and men for military.

Di only thing be say women wey join military no suppose dey look dem self as "junior to men", see am say you and di men na di same thing.

I no understand tribal mata

She no understand why Nigerians dey like to fight about tribe mata because di woman Navy wey make her join military na from Ogoja.

She no sabi di Ogoja woman before but she make her join di Navy. She say she dey find am "very difficult to understand wetin dey happen now.

She believe say di door dey open for any another woman wey wan enter military.

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