Climate change get hand for fight-fight between herdsmen and farmers?


Di amount of green house gases wey Africa countries dey produce small, compare to others like United States and other European countries. But e be like say na Africa dey suffer di impact of climate change pass.

E don affect food and livestock production and come dey cause plenty fight-fight on top land and water wey scarce.

Just recently, 61 people die for fight-fight wey happen between ethnic Somalis and Oromos for Ethiopia Oromia region.

Ethiopia officials say dem no know wetin cause dis new katakata between di two ethnic groups.

Dis one dey happen as Reuters tori people report say soldiers kill 16 ethnic Oromos as dem gather dey do I no go gree on top land to take feed dia cows.

Climate change fit be cause of land palava?

Image example Scientist say rainfall dey reduce and dis dey affect food and water for cows

Climate change wahala don dey affect plenty countries as most resources wey dey nyafu nyafu before like land and water don dey scarce.

Di Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) say surface temperature don increase for Africa.

For west Africa alone, e don pass wetin mouth fit talk and tori be say e go dey increase for di next fifty years.

Dis one mean say di number of days wey hot don plenty pass di one wey cool. Di people for IPCC say dis climate change wahala go put plenty stress on top water wey dey lead to drought and deforestation. Dem come talk say di final wahala wey dis one dey cause na food production wey dey reduce and herdsmen wey dia land no fit produce food for dia animals to eat. Dis one dey make dem waka go other places and don cause most of di katakata between dem and farmers.

Dem say countries like Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria dey depend on natural resources for export to make money and climate change don dey affect crops for those countries.

Recent report don talk say fight-fight go increase for sub-sahara Africa for 2030 and climate change na di major cause.

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Image example Plenty fight-fight don happen between ethnic groups on top land to take feed cow

For Nigeria alone, some states like Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Ekiti and Enugu dey face fight-fight between herdsmen and farmers wey don kill plenty people.

Dis na because di herdsmen, wey dey look for food for dia cows, sometimes go carry cows go chop all di plants wey farmers dey grow and dis dey cause wahala.

Because of dis one, people don say make di herdsmen keep dia cows for one place instead of dey allow dem waka for bush dey look for food.

As e be now, two states for Nigeria; Benue and Ekiti don put law for ground to prevent di herdsmen from feeding dia cow anyhow for di state.

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Image example Fulani Herdsmen dey many parts of West Africa

Ghana, wey dey close to Nigeria, also get dis serious problem as many herdsmen and farmers don die on top di mata.

3 months ago tori people for Ghana report say more than 10 farmers for Brong Ahafo region, Northern Ghana, die for di hand of herdsmen.

Human Rights Watch report on top di matter say di rainfall wahala go affect Africa well except di leaders do something.

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