'No be bad thing say Senator Dino dey my video' - Kach

Behind di scenes for di Dino video Image copyright Asuni Hammed Eniola
Image example Afro trap artiste Kach with Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye

Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye get right to enjoy imself and pose like star for music video, according to di afro-trap artiste wey dey behind di viral video.

Kach tell BBC Pidgin say di video to im popular afro rap song, "Dino" don already get pass 16,000 views for YouTube alone, since im post am, and na bad and good way people take am.

"People just bin dey talk say how our Senator go dey for video and all dat; it's just a support me I no see anything bad about it."

"No be say im carry woman, or no be say im represent di nation in my video."

Di reason why most people say dem no like Melaye face na because di Senator wey dey represent North-Central Nigeria, dey always show off im house, car and vn shoe well-well for social media.

Dem dey vex say all dis jollificate by Senator Melaye dey happen while civil servants for Kogi state never see salary collect.

Image copyright Asuni Hammed Eniola
Image example Kach talk say dem bin shoot di video for Senator Melaye house

Tori be say Senator Melaye bin dey find who bin sing di song, and e even put am for im Instagram say e dey find di person.

Dis na how di Senator and di music star take connect.

Kach say na God do AM, and no be im Papa connect am as people bin dey think. Kach im Papa na Ibe Kachikwu wey be di State Minister, Petroleum Resources, for Nigeria.

E say "I hate am when people dey attach my Papa position with my career."

Di music artist talk say after di song come out e get plenty airplay but na di video help am, and im no get any regrets.

"You know people go talk for dis life, whether na good thing or bad thing. E still help di music."

No be di first time wey Senator Melaye dey trend on top social media as im bin trend on top Instagram video wey e bin dey shame im "enemies."

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