Ghana: Social media dey shock over how dem leak Police exams

Policeman dey ground for Ghana plus eim weapon as ei make ready for action


Wetin we call dis foto,

Policeman for Ghana plus eim weapon as ei make ready for action

So who dey watch di watchman for Ghana? People dey inside shock well well for social media as allegation comot say some police personnel for Ghana fit don leak promotional exams wey dem Junior Officers dey write.

Police cancel exams sekof dis papers leak; dem postpone am to Wednesday 20th December, 2017 make dem write new one. But Ghanaians for social media mind dey scatter, as people know sey ei be di police for guard against examination malpractices, especially exams leakages wey dem dey call 'apor.' So how sey di same police dey chook apor, na wetin dem dey ask.

People dey inside shock well-well, as dem tekem for social media.

Some dey wonder how di same police fit guard against leakage of other examinations

Ei be like everyone dey fear exams even police, see dis paddy ein comment.

Check like Manifest talk truth for dat ein song nowhere cool Oo! Ghana Police sef dey hot.

Ghana Police currently open investigations into di matter make dem uncover those wey dey behind di leakage.