Dis fit be di first time former Nigerian president go enter court on top corruption mata?

Former Nigeria president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Former Nigeria president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

One judge for Italy don set 5 March 2018 as di day two oil producing big boys, Eni and Royal Dutch Shell, go show for court on top one $1.3billion wayo wey happen for Nigeria.

Dis court case no be ordinary one because Italy government lawyers dey claim say former Nigeria president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, get hand for di mata.

Di case don already affect one Nigerian politician, former oil minister, Mr. Dan Etete, wey Italy also wan drag go court for that March.

But how di former number one citizen and commander-in-chief of Nigeria enter dis kain wahala wey activitst talk say e fit be di biggest compnay bribery case for history.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Shell don dey Nigeria for over 60 years

How e take start

For 1998, when Mr Dan Etete dey in charge of di Nigeria petroleum ministry, im carry one oil bloc dash im own company, 'Malabu Oil and Gas'.

Dis oil bloc na special one for Africa because e fit generate more than 9 billion barrels of oil and e get value of around one trillion dollars.

British oil company Shell and Eni wey be Italy oil company join hand for 2011 drop total of $1.3bn for di oil bloc, wey be 10% of di value of di bloc.

Di oil companies give di money to di Nigeria government but wey come land for inside Malabu account.

Italy Investigators believe say Etete share $520m to politicians and other ogas-at-di-top for government including, former Justice Minister Mohammed Bello Adoke and President Goodluck Jonathan make di deal no enter any wahala.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Good hospitals na some of di things Nigerians no dey see because of bribery and corruption for government

How bone hook big oil men and Nigerian politicians for throat

For April, 2017, anti-corruption people, Global Witness, France Uncovered and di BBC wey dey investigate dis business deal, come out talk say Shell ogas dem know say di $1.1bn wey dem give government and Etete na bribery money wey im go use wet ground.

Dis happen after Shell don deny tey-tey every claim wey don near dem say dem bribe Nigeria government.

Global Witness, France Uncovered and di BBC carry proof wey show e-mail Shell ogas dey bin send to diasef where dem dey talk about di deal.

Inside di e-mail, e show say Shell no mind to do business with Etete even after one court for France don already sentence am for 2007 on top money laundering wayo.

Na im Shell come confess say dem know say di billion dollar payment wey dem give Mr Etete, no go enter government pocket, but dem go use am settle important politicians wey matter so dem go fit get wetin dem want.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

EFFC dey try fight corruption for Nigeria but corruption dey also fight am

Wetin Nigeria and other countries don do about di matter?

Di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFFC) carry di matter go Abuja High Court.

Di Nigeria High Court say EFFC get case with Shell, Eni and Malabu; including some of di current and former ogas of dis three companies.

EFFC win dis court case for January dis year and court give government power to control di oil bloc but last-last, court come do u-turn.

Netherland investigators raid Shell office for Di Hague for February dis year.

Britain, United States and Italy also dey investigate di matter.

But na Italy don ready to take di matter enter another level with di court case wey go begin for March 2018.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Court for Italy go hear di Malabu case for March 2018

Wetin former president Goodluck Jonathan and Dan Etete don talk?

President Goodluck Jonathan don talk say im hand no dey inside.

For January dis year, talk-talk person for di former president, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, say no be true Jonathan collect $200 million bribe from di Malabu oil deal before, during and after im be president.

Eze still talk say di matter don dey ground for many years before Jonathan even become president.

Mr Etete bin tell one British High Court for 2013 wey dey investigate di matter say no be im get Malabu Gas and Oil so no how im for pocket di whole $1.1bn wey di Goodluck Jonathan government transfer to di Malabu account.

Etete talk say na only $250m im make for di deal as consultant wey dey work for Malabu.

But im come change mouth later come talk say na im dey control di Malabu account wey federal government pay money inside.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

''My hand no dey inside di Malabu bribery and corruption mata'' - former president Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Jonathan fit face Italy judge?

No current or former Nigerian president don ever go court anywhere for world but e fit happen now.

Nigerian lawyer Anthony Agbonlahor tell BBC Pidgin say former president Dr. Jonathan fit go court if investigators fit proof say Malabu money enter im account.

Agbonlahor still talk say, ''Nigeria and Italy agree for 2016 to carry person wey dem suspect don commit crime from one country go di other one so dem fit face law.''

''So if investigators find money wey no clean for Dr. Jonathan hand and dem fit trace am to di Malabu deal, then dis Buhari government wey dey fight corruption no go waste time before dem arrest president Jonathan and send am go Italy.''

Dr. Jonathan don talk say im no get any foreign account.

March 2018 na three months from now, dis drama wey don reach six years so, no dey go anywhere,