No be teething dey cause pickin diarrhoea

Doctor say no be teething dey make pickin dey poo-poo.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Doctor say no be teething dey make pickin dey poo-poo

Teething na natural process wey all pickin go must pass through wen dia teeth wan begin come out but na big challenge na im e be to some mama dem wen dia pickin wan grow teeth.

Recently tennis champion Serena Williams go for social media to look for advise on top how she go fit help her pickin wey don dey grow teeth.

She tweet say; "Teething - aka di devil - dey very hard."

Many mama don pass through di same palava wey Serena dey experience and some of dem get different believe and fear about wetin teething dey cause to pickin.

Dr Gloria Nwosu wey be resident paediatrician for Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH) Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, tell BBC News Pidgin say some of di believe wey plenty mama and papa get about teething, no be true.

No be teething dey cause pickin diarrhoea and fever

Dr Nwosu give two reason wey fit make di pickin dey poo-poo, vomit and get fever.

  • She explain say dat six month age wey most pickin dey begin grow teeth dey coincide with di time wen di anti-body wey mama don bin transfer give di pickin dey reduce, as di pickin don already start to develop im own immunity. Because of dis process, di immunity of di pickin never too dey strong to protect dem against infection.
  • Pickin dem always get di habit to dey pick and put everything wen dem see for dia mouth. Some of dis things get bacterial inside wey fit cause diarrhoea, fever, vomiting and other things as e be say dia immune system wey suppose help dia body fight bacteria, never too dey strong.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Teething na normal process wey every pickin go must pass through and fear no suppose dey inside

Dr Nwosu advise mama dem say make dem no fear wen dia pickin dey grow teeth but instead make dem upgrade di food of di pickin for plenty nutrient to dey inside and give dem wetin dem like to dey chop.

She say if di pickin get fever, diarrhoea or dey vomit, make dem carry am go hospital but make dem no think say na di teething cause am.

Di children doctor also warn parents make dem no dey give dia pickin any kain medicine during dis period.

Some pickin dem dey born dem with dia first teeth, others dey start teething before dem reach 4 months old, and some na after 12 months. But most children dey start teething around 6 months.

UK National Health Service (NHS) advice on top how to help pickin wen dey grow teeth

  • Teething rings: Teething rings go make di baby get something wey dey safe to chew. E go help reduce di scratching and distract dem from any pain. Parents fit make di teething rings cool first for fridge and dis fit to cool di pickin gums.
  • Healthy food: If di baby don reach six months or dey older, dem fit give am better food to chew, like raw fruit and vegetables. Pieces of apple or carrot still dey good. Dem fit also try give di baby end side of bread or breadstick but make dem always stay close wen di baby dey chop am so dat dem no go choke. Avoid di bread wey get sugar.
  • Paracetamol and ibuprofen: If di baby dey in pain or get small temperature (less than 38C or 100.4F), parent fit give am sugar-free painkilling medicine wey dem make especially for babies and young pickin.
  • Comforting your baby: To comfort or play with di baby fit help distract dem from any pain inside dia gums.