West Africa: Wetin be di good and di bad news for 2017?

Wizkid Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Wizkid become di first African to carry best international act for MOBo

Remember when you dey wish for 2017, make you use am do better with your life? Well, dat no be yesterday because di end of di year don land.

So, make we look wetin be some of di good and bad things wey happen dis year.

Good moments for 2017

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Image example Wizkid shut down di popular Royal Albert Hall for London, UK

Wizkid Performance for London

If you wan look for one person wey win for 2017, na Wizkid.

For September, im shut down di Royal Albert Hall for London, UK even after im start di performance two hours late.

Also, im break record as im become di first African to collect award as best international act for di Music Of Black Origin (MOBO), where im flog people like Jay-Z.

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Image example Bastie v Banku fight trend for Ghana

Bastie v. Banku

Bukom Banku chop im first losing for im career dis year but e sweet di mind of plenty people, because im bin dey boast say e be "Ghana Mayweather".

Na for round 7 na im Bastie Samir beat am to stop im unbroken run.

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Image example Nigeria enter World Cup, but not before FIFA comot one of dem points say dem put red card player for match

Di World Cup Qualification

As 2018 na year of di Russia World Cup, dis one make dis year qualification season.

Nigeria qualify for di 2018 World Cup like film but for di middle of di qualification, dem don start to yab Ghana wey no qualify.

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Image example Cameroon carry AFCON for 2017

Cameroon carry di 2017 AFCON Cup

For February, Cameroon win di African Cup of Nations for di first time in fifteen years.

Dis one sweet dem belle sotay President Paul Biya take congratulations baff dem for Unity Palace.

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Image example Ghana don pay for SS 1 students dis year already

Free SHS education for Ghana

Dis year President Akufo-Addo release new policy say dem go dey fund di secondary high school (SHS) education.

Dis one mean say to get senior education no go cost money again, although now e still dey pilot stage wey mean say dem just wan start.

Bad moments for 2017

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Image example Di video for sell-sell of people for Libya bin cause serious problem

Slave Trade for Libya

One of di biggest tori dis year wey hit people for head like stone na when di tori comot say dem dey auction people for Libya.

Dis one don make di Nigerian and Ghanaian government start to dey put head together, dey arrange, so dar dem country people fit come back house.

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Image example Floods affect plenty part of West Africa dis year

Floods wey full everywhere

Water become major problem for people for world dis year. Mostly, for Sierra Leone, where mudslide bin carry pass 400 people to dia death near Freetown.

People for dia begin dey vex, dey blame government say na because dem bin no get better urban planning. Even for Nigeria for Benue state, flood drive more than 100,000 people comot house.

Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Image example Biafra supporters begin grow dis year, and dem bin wan comot Nigeria for October 1

Secession plan wey no work

For Nigeria and Cameroon, October 2017 na time wey many of dem no go quick forget . Dis Biafra bin get plan to comot Nigeria and Ambazonia bin get plan to comot Cameroon.

As at now, thousands of refugees don run comot Cameroon to Nigeria sake of say dem dey run for dia life,

For Nigeria, dem still dey find Nnamdi Kanu, wey be one of di people wey bin dey push for Biafra.

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Image example Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state build statue even though im civil servants dem no see salary collect

Rochas Okorocha and im statues

Rochas Okorocha dis year do plenty things wey make people begin dey scratch head. First na when im start to dey comot wrapper from statues wey im do for African leaders for Imo state, Nigeria.

Another one na when im name im sister as Commissioner of Happiness, e no really work because around dat period people bin start to vex on top say dem no see salary collect.

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Image example Alex Ekwueme bin be di first vice president for Nigeria

Alex Ekwueme die

Na dis year, di first vice president wey Nigeria ever get, Alex Ekueme die. E pain people well-well.

E bin go London because im get chest infection and na for dia im die.

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