Commonwealth Secretary-General don di negotiate dialogue for Cameroon

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Image example Na di 52 Commonwealth kontri wey elect Baroness Patricia Scotland

Commonwealth Secretary General, Patricia Scotland, weh yi deh for kontri for some days di go Buea for see weti di happen for ground.

"I di go Buea, I go tok for de pipol and know dia problems and see weti weh yi happen for ground", na so Patricia Scotland, weh yi kam for five days visit since 18 December don tell BBC Pidgin wen yi be tok to tori person, Leocadia Bongben.

Population bi don di check say if de Commonwealth boss no go see things for herself, yi no go understand de situation of de pipol for dat area with de shooting weh yi di go on between government forces and unknown gunmen.

After weh de Commonwealth scribe tok with President Paul Biya, yi don discuss with government officials, politicians and civil society leader dem, yi say for yi own understanding, na dialogue be de main thing weh all man wantam and na de thing weh yi don startam.

Yi say dialogue weh yi come from de heart, frank and pipol di tok dia belle and yi see say na de thing weh all man, government, political leaders and civil society want.

De Secretary-General join idea for opposition as deh di ask for decentralisation as yi deh for 1996 constitution make power go down from Yaoundé for regions dem more than before. Also yi hold meeting with de Bilingualism and Multicultural Commission weh President Biya don create for solve de problem for Anglophone crisis, for explore and brainstorm for better way to komot for de crisis.

Patricia Scotland tell Cameroonians say peace, unity and respect for human rights for every single commonwealth citizen na deh message weh yi di send for dem.

Cameroon don always be kontri for peace and all man must do everything possible for maintain and also consolidate de peace.

"I di ask all sides for try to make peace, for listen, respond and do all weti weh deh fit do for restore peace and tranquillity weh deh be don know Cameroon for". Na dis message I di share with all de stakeholder dem weh I meet today. Dem too get de desire to achieve dis, SG conclude.

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