"E good to regulate sex work "- Human Rights Lawyer

Sex worker dey smoke

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People still dey react to di tori say South Africa wan remove sex work comot from list of criminal offence.

Nigerian Human Rights lawyer Okechukwu Effoduh tell BBC News Pidgin say di decision wey di ruling African National Congress party for South Africa take na step for di right direction.

Effoduh dey do research on top sex work mata and im talk say di decision wey dem take dey critical because na life dem dey involve.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

For some countries sex work na legal work

"Belle sweet me when I hear am, na something wey suppose to don happen since although people no go wan hear dis one"

"To criminalize sex work na to criminalize identity, people, especially women wey na dem dey even suffer abuse."

"I do research for Abuja for 2012, sex workers tell me di kain abuse dem dey face on top di job and e bad well-well. I talk to more than 100 sex workers about di abuse wey dem dey face, more than 87% tell me say dem experience rape for that year alone."

Mr Effoduh also talk say e go good if dem fit regulate and legalize sex work for Nigeria.

No be only am feel dis way.

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook

But as dem dey talk am say "different strokes for different folks".

Yeli Joe na banker for Nigeria and she no feel say wetin South Africa do dey right.

"I no feel say e dey right, everybody now fit gather liver to dey do am and dis fit expose them to disease, some go even reason say di sex workers dem now don be professional and nothing dey happen"

"Say dem no wan take am as criminal offense again no mean say people go stop to dey careless on top di mata.

Even though South Africa don start am now, I doubt say e go fit happen for Nigeria." Na so Joe talk.

From Douala Cameroon, Chin Emmanuel say na very shameful decision.

"Dis kain policy only confirm say di society don forget moral values. Government no suppose collect money from all activities dem. How government fit risk di lives of citizens because dem wan collect tax? Na so Emmanuel talk.

For countries like Germany and Costa Rica sex work na legal work but some sabi people believe say e go hard for some African countries to legalize am.