Ghana: Christians dey blast Jerusalem vote

People dey prayer for church inside Crossway Church, Heygate Estate, April 27, 2013 for London, England

Wia dis foto come from, Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Check like some Ghanaians no dey happy sey Ghana dey side plus UN resolution against US President Donald Trump ein decision sey ei make we recognise Jerusalem as Israel ein capital.

Some church people for social media dey talk sey dem make disappointed over government ein decision, some self describe am sey ei be 'shameful' as we dey claim sey Ghana be Christian nation (you for know sey dis religious position no dey wanna official records inside).

For interview plus BBC Pidgin, Professor Emmanuel Martey, wey be Presbyterian Church of Ghana demma former moderator talk sey government make mistake wey "dem for minimize demma mistakes...dis Ghanaian leaders dem know Israel ein history well well? Why dem want deny some people of demma capital?"

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Nana Akufo-Addo den den Foreign Minister for Ghana dey meet UN officials for April 2007

Professor Martey dey feel say dem "cheat" Israel. Despite sey President Trump no fit display common sense sometimes, for dis matter dier ei make faithful say ei want recognise Jerusalem Israel ein capital so sey dem put American Embassy for der.

Di Christian Council of Ghana ein General Secretary Rev. Dr. Opuni-Frimpong talk we say ei no fit comment on di matter.

More people for Ghana be Christians, but chaw Muslims too dey across di country.