Liberia: Dem suppose do second round election quick-quick - Jonathan

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Na over two million voters don register for dis elections; dis woman show her card for Liberia 2011 elections

Finally, e go happen. Liberians go line up to vote for new president.

E go happen, e no go happen? Na di question plenty people bin dey ask before on top di second round of presidential election for Liberia.

Today, Liberians go vote to choose between former footballer George Weah and current vice president Joseph Boakai. Na dem come first and second for di first round.

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Former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan go lead other international observers dem to chook eye for di Liberia election

Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, when im dey talk to BBC tori person Umaru Fofana, say e dey important say make Liberia rush quick-quick do di election.

Im say as di current president go soon comot, e go cause 'constitutional wahala' if another person no dey to replace am.

Im say date don already dey wey new government suppose enter and if e no happen, e mean say di government wey dey go be illegal one.

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People bin dey worry whether di election go happen at all

Dem suppose do di election wey dem dey do today for early November but di Liberian Supreme Court bin tell di electoral commission make dem wait first after Charles Brumskine, wey be candidate of di Liberty Party, wey carry third position carry di mata go court say di election no pure.

Di Supreme Court early dis month later dismiss di case, wey mean say make di election continue.

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Former football star George Weah (left) and Vice-President Joseph Boakai go face each other for di second round

Electoral Commission oga, Jerome Korkoya, come announce say na 26 December dem go do di second round.

Even as at last week, nobody still sure whether e go happen or not because vice president Boakai bin go court after im claim say di electoral commission never follow Supreme Court order say make dem clean voter's registry.

Over two million people don already register to vote for di election. But e be like say people still no sure who dem go choose.

Mr Jonathan come add join talk say e dey normal if di ginger for dis second round no be like di first election because candidates boku for dat one and people no too dey put mind for second round election.

"Liberia don ready to do di election and e good say dem go soon hand over government to another person because e go ginger business people to come di country come do business". Na so Jonathan talk.

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Vice President Joseph Boakai and im oga Ellen Johnson Sirleaf no dey see eye to eye

Mr Boakai, wey dey contest, don serve as vice president for 12 years under Johnson Sirleaf but im oga no gree support am. Some people talk say im too old.

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George Weah don contest for president three time before and im compete against President Johnson-Sirleaf for 2005

Im opponent na Mr Weah wey don contest for president two times before but loose to di current president. Some voters dey worry say im no get experience to be president.

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President Sirleaf don finish her term and di election na to choose who go replace am

Dis na di first time for many generations wey Liberia go hand over power from one leader wey dem elect to another.

Election people say dem go announce di result within four days after voting finish.