Five things wey fit 'help' with your hangover

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Image example Di best way to cure hangover na to avoid am

You fit dey familiar with dis one. You siddon with your people, dey jolly, drink dey flow. Somewhere for you mind, you know say your morning no go easy, because: hangover.

Plenty enjoyment for dis festive season fit equal hangover for many people wey dey drink alcohol. Hangover no get one cure as different things dey work for different people.

As e be say people body different and no automatic solution to di palava of hangover, di ultimate solution na to prevent am kpatakpata. No drink pass as your body go fit carry.

But sha, if e happen say you drink pass as you suppose, come get hangover, dis na five simple things wey fit help you overcome.

Drink water

Di most important remedy for hangover na water or any juice. Dis na because di alcohol wey you don take, don make di water wey dey your body dry.

In fact, e go better to dey drink water as you dey drink di alcohol.

No drink coffee

Coffee dey help many people dey alert when dem wake for morning.

But, if you get hangover, no just near coffee or anything wey get caffeine at all. Something like bitter kola sef get plenty caffeine.

Caffeine dey make people with hangover get headache or migraine. So, if you must drink anything, drink water.

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Image example Different types of alcohol dey affect people in different ways

Eat something

E dey good to chop first before you begin drink. Food go help your body take im time before alcohol catch am.

If you come get hangover nko? Make sure say you try chop something even if you no want.

You fit no chop plenty but eat something wey get carbohydrate like rice, bread, biscuit or banana. Food go help give you energy.

Go sleep

Sleep na important solution for hangover. If you no sleep, di hangover go worse.

When you sleep, e go help your body to recover. Try sleep for as long as you go fit.

No drink more alcohol

No go join more alcohol to di one wey dey worry you already. Some people dey get di temptation sometimes to try use alcohol cure hangover.

If you do dis one, na just to prolong di suffering wey dey your front and di headache go worse pass.

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Image example E good to carry water join body as you dey drink

People get different kind of solutions for hangover. Some sef dey prefer to use herbs.

Anyone wey you decide to use sha, remember say prevention better pass cure.

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