Cameroon: Court don free Patrice Nganang

Patrice Nganang Image copyright Facebook/Patrice Nganang
Image example Patrice Nganang dey always talk about President Paul Biya government

Court for Cameroon don free writer, Patrice Nganang.

Na on 6 December dem bin arrest am for Douala international airport as im bin wan travel go Zimbabwe.

As dem free am, dem tell am to leave Cameroon immediately and say make im no return. Dem also seize im Cameroon passport.

According to Cameroon government talk talk person Issa Tchiroma Bakary, dem bin arrest Patrice because im threaten President Paul Biya.

Court of First Instance siddon dis morning to decide on di matter.

But im still get to go back for Prison for Kondengui, to wait make dem finalise di procedure for im freedom.

Na for 19 January weh Patrice suppose appear for court, but dem summon am for court on Wednesday 27 December.

Patrice Nganang na Professor for Stony Brook University for New York, America and im be di writer of plenty books wey win award like Mount Pleasant and Dog Days and other essay and poem dem.

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