Nigeria: Wetin 5,222 megawatts electric fit do?

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Nigeria: Wetin 5,222 megawatts of electric fit do

Nigeria government say dem don set new record for power supply for di country wey be say some areas don dey get steady light reach 24 hours.

Di Transmission Company of Nigeria and di vice-president office carry tori come outside say electric power wey di country produce don increase pass before, as e reach 5,222 megawatts (MW) dis December.

Dis record follow for di bigger plan di government say dem get to range 40,000 megawatts generating capacity by year 2020.

So now wey Nigeria get 5,222 megawatts for electric, na wetin dis one go do for country wey get pass 180 million people for 36 states?

Wetin 5,222 megawatts fit do?

Image copyright Daniel Semeniworima
Image example If each person get TV, AC, bulb and fridge for Nigeria, dis 5,222 megawatts no go fit serve di country.
  • For di typical 40 watts bulbs wey people dey use for dia house, na like 128,900,000 bulbs na im dis new power increase go fit on at di same.
  • E fit at di same time on 40 inch flat screen TV wey reach 17,168,666.
  • At least five million one hundred and fifty six irons na im fit on together with dis new level.
  • Na like 1,031,200 fridge dem na im dis one fit power.
  • E also fit on more than 1.4 million AC split unit dem put together.
Image copyright TCN
Image example Nigeria dey target to increase elector power reach 40,000 megawatts (MW) by year 2020

Wetin go do Nigerians for electric?

As e be so, dis new 5,222 megawatts level no go even reach make every Nigerian on one AC each at di same time.

With di kain population wey Nigeria get, na at least 600 gigawatts na im go fit guarantee 24 hours power supply for di 180 million people wey dey use light for di country.

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