Nigeria: Why some civil servants no get salary for Christmas

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No be all state workers for Nigeria collect salary before Christmas; Imo and Ekiti state workers no see "happiness" for dis season, while some for Osun refuse to resume work on top di matter.

Di one wey dey vex some workers be say even as Nigeria state governors finally collect di second part of di Paris Club money wey president Buhari promise dem before Christmas, no be all of dem still use di money pay workers salary.

Senior civil servants for Osun state collect only half of dia November salary on Thursday 21 December.

Dat na why Labour Unions for di state begin strike on Wednesday 27 December; dem never sure whether dem go see December salary.

Na Kehinde Adigun, di chairman for di Radio, Television, Theatre and Art Workers Union of Nigeria (RATTAWU) for Osun state say governor Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola don first warn union leaders say im no fit pay dis full November salary.

Wetin 'Ministry of Happiness' go do?

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Image example Labour protest on top salary matter dey happen well-well for Nigeria.

Dis na as Nigeria federal government don pay all di 36 states di remainder of dia Paris Club money.

Governor Rochas Okorocha, of Imo state tell tori people for November say "im make am clear" say every state must pay dia workers so dat dem "go enjoy Christmas."

But after all dis im talk, workers for Imo state still no see salary. Some of dem wey collect November salary for second week of December, still no fit cash di money, put for hand, before holiday.

On top dat wahala, dem collect dia check for December salary on Friday 22 December so dem still no fit go bank cash di money.

One civil servant Violet Ibe say, "we no see happiness for Imo state; instead everybody dey cry."

But Special Adviser to Imo state government on social media, Mr Ananyo Chukwu say, e no matter when di people take collect dia check, dem suppose dey "happy" because government pay dem two months salary.

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