Di plenty palava wey single mama dey face for society

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Dis single mamas dem say make society no dey judge dem

Na hard life for any woman wey find herself as single mama for Nigeria because society never accept am.

Single mama dem dey suffer plenty stigma and shame, sake of cultural and religious belief. Some of dem share dia experience with BBC Pidgin.

For single mama to get house na wahala. Deola Erogunaiye-Olulana wey form group for single mama dem say, "you wan collect house landlord go say make you go produce husband."

To travel with children nko, di palava wey follow am no get part two.

Motunrayo Da Costa, don be single mama for five years, she say to put pickin for school, dem go ask for di papa of pickin, meanwhile "you no know where di papa dey.

To collect maternity leave from work place fit make her lose her work because she no get marriage certificate. Sarah say, dat na why she only collect her one month leave to go born her pickin.

Image example Nigeria Immigration Service dey ask for dem run-away

Why e be like dis?

Nigeria society no dey tolerate single mama dem at all sake of very strong cultural and religious belief for di country.

Tradition, Islam and Christianity belief say God original plan for family na mama, papa and pickin dem. Anything outside dis one na taboo.

Archbishop Man-oso Ndagoso of Kaduna Archdiocese say single mama dey common now because, people dey "revolt against marriage institution."

Sheik Ahmed Mohammed Abubakar Gumi say "for Islam single mothers no suppose dey exist," if woman divorce or her husband die, she suppose remarry.

Di way man dey control everything mean say di country go make single mother look irresponsible.

People dey blame dem, nobody wan know how e take happen because na di woman fault.

But wetin dis women dey talk be say make society try help dem, and if e no fit help dem, "make e no judge dem.

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