Why countries dey ban shisha?

Woman dey smoke shisha Image copyright MARWAN NAAMANI/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya don ban smoking of shisha for dia country.

For shisha lovers for Kenya, Thursday 28 December go be day to remember for dem as government ban di sale, promotion and smoking of di product.

Kenya na di latest country for East Africa to ban shisha.

Kenya government for inside statement wey dem release say:

"Make no person import, make, sell, use, advertise, promote or encourage people to dey smoke shisha for Kenya."

Government also warn say di offence go attract fine wey no go pass "Sh50,000 Kenya money or six months in prison or both fine."

Wetin be shisha?

Shisha aka hookah na tobacco wey dem mix with fruit or sugar inside bowl or tube. Na long pipe dem dey use take smoke am. Na charcoal or wood dem dey use take burn di wet mixture of di tobacco, fruit or sugar to come out as smoke.

Tori be say shisha been start for Middle East and Asia communities dem, but e don become popular for other continents now including Africa especially among young trendy people.

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Image example Asia people dem start to dey smoke shisha around di 20th century.

Why countries dey ban am?

Kenya government say dem dey ban shisha because e no dey good for di health.

Most people wey dey smoke shisha fit dey reason say e beta pass di normal tobacco smoking because of di water wey join to make am.

But according to di World join bodi for health mata, World Health Organisation, di smoke wey dey come out during di smoking of shisha dey dangerous and fit cause lung, heart and other disease dem.

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Image example WHO talk say people wey dey smoke shisha and normal cigarette dey in danger of catching di same disease like lung cancer and heart disease

Just like e be with to dey smoke tobacco too, as you dey smoke shisha you fit dey addicted, dat is, you fit get used to am.

Sabi people also talk say just one puff from shisha fit be di same amount as one full cigarette.

Wetin dis one mean na say one session of shisha fit equal to like 20 or 30 cigarettes for one go na dis one make am very dangerous.

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