Cameroon: President Biya students laptop dey ginger talk

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Cameroon President Paul Biya deliver on im promise to give university students dem laptop since two years.

Higher Education Minister, Janques Fame Ndongo take charge for go China fabricate am and share.

But na di quality of di laptop dem pipo dey talk about.

Di minister say President Biya di worry about young pipo weh na android generation dia future be, sotey for give dem de laptops weh de describe as 'notebook'.

De laptops dia make na PB HEV, weh yi bi "Paul Biya Higher Education Vision", Intel Atom E8350, Microsoft window 10 system and office 365, as government talk.

"I go take my own for Soa today, I stand for line, sun hit me sotey and we just force enter amphitheatre for wait. We deh about 20,000", na one student weh yi get one notebook talk for BBC News Pidgin.

Some Cameroonian dem don put dia mouth for dis computer matter for social media for dis notebook weh dem di describe am say yi deh like play thing for chochoro dem.

De calculation na say if dis notebook get 32 giga as memory den de thing just deh like telephone and point finger for pipo weh put Cameroon for debt.

One professor for Higher Education, Roger Atsa Etoundi den try for twist mouth for say 32 gigas na de old version for 500 gigas.

But de thing pipo dem di calculate sotey na de big moni weh government borrow, 75 billion from China government for buy de notebook dem.

As minister say one notebook for fit cost like FCFA 300,000, dem calculate say for dis prices for 500,000 laptops na 150 billion Cameroon go pay for China weh yi high pass de 75 billion weh dem tok before.

Honourable Joseph Wirba, MP for Jakiri constituency for di Northwest di turn de thing for yi head sotey yi putam for twitter.

De second batch for laptops dem, 40, 000 notebook dem be land for Nsimalen airport for Tuesday, and added number to 80,000.

Kontri pipo dem di just wonder say na who go pay dis big money.

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